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Saudi Arabia declares National Holiday after World Cup victory against Messi’s Argentina


Saudi Arabia entered the World Cup with a bang by defeating football powerhouse Argentina in a historic 2-1 in Saudi Arabia vs Argentina match. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced an on-day celebration and holiday after the unprecedented victory.

Fans of Saudi Arabia’s football team took to the streets in Riyadh and Doha for celebrations after a 2-1 shock victory over tournament favorites.

The youth wearing Saudi flag stickers danced on the drum beats to rejoice in the victory against the number two team of the FIFA World Cup.

Saleh al-Shehri and Salem al-Dawsari Stars of the day were who delivered early victories in the second half against the Argentinian side.

The football legend Lionel Messi had the penalty in the 10th minute but All was not okay in the state of Denmark when the Argentinian players were trying to get an early victory. So the lady luckily smiled twice for the Saudi Arabia team in Saudi Arabia vs Argentina match.

Another hero of the night was Saudi goalkeeper, Mohammed Al-Owais who saved multiple strikes from Argentina’s deadly attackers but he kept the fort guarded for quite a long time after two early goals by Saudi players.


Now others teams smell blood after the bloodbath at the Doha stadium.

Now Argentina’s aim next target against Mexico is on Saturday, the same day when Saudi Arabia will take on Poland the same day.

National Holiday in KSA

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman announced Wednesday to be a holiday for all employees and all students after Kingdom’s national football team stood victorious against Argentina in the World Cup.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) made the suggestion to King Salman.

The Saudis will now mark the holiday to celebrate and rejoice in the team’s victory over Argentina.

The KSA state press agency said that the celebratory holiday is for employees–both public and private–and for all students.


Saudi fans who saw a match in the stadium termed the victory a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After early goals, Argentina failed to claw back victory, and the stadium was buzzing with Saudi fans when the buzzer pressed on-time completion.

For Argentina, the team now has to make the dream come true for the first global victory since 1986. It would also be a tribute to football legend Messi for what is supposed to be his Football World Cup career’s end.

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