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Burj Khalifa: UAE giant umbrella opening up video attracts millions of views


The crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan posted a video of a giant umbrella shrouding the Burj Khalifa amid rainy weather in Dubai.

The National Centre of Meteorology in the UAE (NCM) had alerted people in the country to be knowledgeable of the “unstable weather ailments”. Also, the authorities advised motorists to be extra careful to avoid mishaps, and Sharjah’s parks were shut down until further announcement.

Although Dubai might be coming off as cloudy and murky for a few days—the city still knows how to stay enthralled with its lively people always enjoying themselves. 

Video captured millions of likes amidst UAE rains

Dubai’s exemplary Burj Khalifa is seen opening up in the middle with a huge umbrella emerging and opening up to shelter and safeguard the world’s tallest building from the downpour.

Sheikh Hamdan took to Instagram on Tuesday and wrote an interesting caption accompanying the computer-generated imagery, “It’s that time of the year”, he wrote, along with the hashtag MyDubai and some cute umbrella and rain cloud emojis.

The video successfully received thousands of likes from several people and brought out smiles and chuckles from Sheikh Hamdan’s massive number of followers. It also got mind-blowing reactions filled with users posting red heart emojis on the video and calling it amazing and so clever, on social media, where he goes by Fazza.

The video also exhibits a mammoth pink flamingo ring slithering down from the tip of Burj Khalifa, a giant-sized doughnut enacting through the Dubai Frame along with a big plastic duck in front of Ain Dubai, as a part of other specimens of the outstanding video editing.

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed And Dubai Destinations

Sheikh Hamdan has an enormous fan following on Instagram consisting of more than 15.1 million followers. This month, he took up an intense fitness challenge by finishing an upright marathon at the earth’s tallest tower and establishing an incredible record.


The Burj Khalifa Challenge was announced exuberantly with players running up the steps from the lowest floor to the tallest reachable milestone— floor number 160.

This stunning animation video of the Burj Khalifa has also been created to play a role in the city’s Dubai Destinations promotional drive, which has produced numerous amazing pictures and videos that have captured people’s attention and gone viral recently.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed, Chairman of Dubai Media Council, declared the strategy in December of the previous year. The campaign was announced with the aim to boost tourism and attract people on a global level to experience economic welfare and other advantages.

The Dubai Destination’s ambition is a homage to Dubai’s culture of amicability and its unrestricted and inclusive viewpoint. Having a richness of innovation and imaginative content from various sources, this initiative will unlock many doors into Dubai’s distinctive and extraordinary spirit as a tourist destination,” Sheikh Ahmed said.

In July, Sheikh Hamdan disseminated another marvellous campaign by Dubai Destinations, exhibiting a few of the emirate’s most famous destinations taken over by enormous pool inflatables.

Sheikh Hamdan keeps uploading pictures of his residence city on social media regularly, along with a bunch of excerpts from his trips, personal life, and sports adventures. 


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