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Best kept secret of UAE: Hatta Dubai and its adventures


The panoramic terminus of the Hatta ‘The Highlands of Dubai’ has been getting everyone’s attention as the world of entertainment has a lot of offering for winter travelers until the next March 2023. The campaign will successfully equip visitors with extraordinary adventures, mountain sports, artistic twilights, shopping carnivals, triathlon, cycling, and hill run as an element of the World’s Coolest Winter in the UAE drive.

Here, we have gathered a list of events taking place in Hatta so that you can easily plan out your trip this winter and get a kick out of the exciting things happening at this remarkable spot and have some unique experiences. Have a look at what’s in stock for travelers:

December 27 to 31: Dubai Municipality’s Hatta Community Centre will have the Hatta Honey Festival. 

January 13 to 15: Dubai Shopping Festival will take place in Wadi Hub, in coalition with The Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment.

February 5: Enthusiastic mountain bikers can relish the beautiful vista and play against each other on a mountain trail at the Hero Dubai event being held at Wadi Hub in union with the Dubai Sports Council. There will also be some other thrilling sports stirs for the people.

February 19: Triathlon Hatta at the Hatta Sports Club will be held in association with the Dubai Sports Council in the coming year. This is a stimulating chance for swimmers, cyclists, and long-distance runners to prove themselves if they desire to take part in the Olympic Games which certainly require bodily healthiness.


March 5: Hatta Hills Run, in coordination with the Dubai Sports Council, will stand out on 5 March at Hatta Fort Hotel, along with other compelling and intriguing occasions associated with Hatta’s scenic beauty.

Hatta Dubai

Additional Exciting Activities Like Mountain Biking For People Including Families

Dig Into The Adventures

Tourists can dig through the mountains and realistic sights along with taking pleasure in the fantastic environment. Hatta off-road track and the occult trails will deliver an extraordinary experience for sightseers this time. 

There is also a first hotel camper that allows visitors to camp on the drifts of Hatta Dam with immense indulgence along with the additional bliss of strolling through the beautiful terrain of the area.

Ultimate Exploration

Guests can probe the city and its surroundings happily, including Hatta Dam, mountains, grasslands, and dramatic nature. They can also get a chance to comprehend the history of the region by exploring villages in the region that exist since ancient times.

Hatta Dubai

Uncover The Gems Of Hatta

Stay at the Hatta’s archaeological sites of Falaj, edifices, forts, ancient cities, bee farms, and multiple other milestones to discover the wild glories of Hatta. Witness the house shops selling commodities, the scenic landscape surrounding the cycling tracks, and recent urban planning taking place in the region.


Cycling And E-scooter Trails

The Hatta region has been designed to boost sustenance and facilitate mobility by non-traditional standards, like cycling tracks and roads along with e-scooter paths correlated with essential crossroads like the bus station, gardens, and Hatta Dam. 

Furthermore, mountain bicycles will be provided correspondingly to the people who wish for it. Different routes are attached to living mountain trails along with docking depots for electric bikes and cycles. Also, leisure stops have been arranged for bikers throughout that are furnished with seats, bike shelves, garbage tins, and shadowed mobility hubs.

Hatta As the ‘Highlands Of Dubai’ And The Ultimate Tourist Destination

The schemes at Hatta are being carried out by the Supreme Committee to preside over the expansion of Hatta under the commands of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum— Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, along with the administration of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The persistent schemes are being designed as a part of the Hatta Master Development Plan established by Sheikh Mohammed to enhance the social, monetary, and academic growth of the region over the subsequent 20 years. 

Developed and enforced by the Supreme Committee, the agenda incredibly highlights an Urban Design Manual that renders the layout approaches for constructions and buildings in the area’s mountainous landscape.

Hatta Dubai

Existing projects comprise cycling and mountain bike routes along with carrying out ways to simplify traffic and improve mobility. around the area. The program is implemented to help regional farmers and generate business opportunities for the people of Hatta—along with a marketplace for regional outgrowths, the Hatta Beach Project, and the redevelopment of the Hatta Heritage Village.

A few incredible objectives of Hatta’s development include:

Mobility Solutions

To improve transportation within the area and around it, the Supreme Committee has brought up unique public and shared mobility solutions comprising express bus services from Dubai city to Hatta, vehicle rentals, mobility crossings, e-hail assistance, and electric scooters.

The Committee has also executed ‘quick traffic keys’ for streets and parking in essential visitor locations. It also embarked on contemporary public facilities to help guests visiting the area.

Support For Local Farmers

“Under the edicts of our supervision to deliver business options for the populace of Hatta and encourage them to pitch into the area’s expansion campaign, the Supreme Committee has created an agenda to equip farmers with suggestions, resources, and commerce scaffolds for their products. Farmers will be supplied fertilizers seeds and seedlings, along with the apprenticeship to acquire the abilities, craftsmanship, and project surveillance capabilities crucial for putting up with the benefit of enterprise and acquisition possibilities,” Al Tayer said.

“To develop the green area in the territory, about 13,000 indigenous trees have been sowed in various locales. The vegetation will enrich the picturesque geography encircling the cycling tracks in the city,” he summed up.

Hatta Dubai

Hatta Souq

Work has begun on the structure of a contemporary Hatta Souq geared toward furnishing a scaffold for agriculturalists and other inhabitants to trade their yields. Combining conventional and modern architectural techniques, the Souq is being constructed utilizing both man-made and realistic building items.

Hatta Beach Project

The evolution of the Hatta Beach Project constitutes a portion of actions to put forward the region’s position as a significant tourist terminus, to develop inducements that can be relished throughout the year. 

The project contains the Crystal Lagoon, an artificial lake with a beach area. The waterfront of Hatta Beach will stimulate relaxation and recreation facilities, and assistance, along with several activities for the visitors.

Hatta Dubai

More About Hatta Campaign And Its Scenic Beauty

The crusade will spotlight the delightful environment and the spectacular natural magnificence of the dramatic mountain region—located away from the cacophony of the city, 130 km southeast of Dubai. 

Similarly, the campaign will also cast off some sunshine on the history of this beautiful territory. According to the researcher and historian Hamad Sultan Mohammad Hamdan Al-Maidi Al-Badwawi, the chronology of the area exists for around 2000 – 3000 years.

It was called Al-Hajareen in archaic times and was a junction for caravans. It was also well-known for its historical, agricultural, and retail landmarks.

The ‘Hatta, The Highlands of Dubai’ campaign will also exhibit the region’s myriad attractions including Hatta Heritage Village, and a few traditions. 

The Hatta Dam is a natural resource, located amid the scenic valleys, specifically that of Wadi Al Qahfi. The Hatta Lake created by the Hatta Dam is an outstanding spot for kayaking, water cycling, and boating. The Hatta Dam is also a ground for global sporting occurrences, such as the Dubai International Cycling Tour.

The Hatta Heritage Village is presently being developed again to accentuate the civilization, history, and traditions of Hatta. It was opened in 2001 and has approximately 30 antique buildings that bring energy to Dubai’s heritage with reconstructed houses and buildings.

Constructed using mountain rocks, soil, and palm trunks, the Village was prepared to conform to an ancient village in the area.

Hatta Dubai

Chronological Monuments

The Hatta movement will correspondingly emphasize the region’s historical commemorations including the Hatta South Tower and the Hatta North Tower. Furthermore, it will also highlight the area’s two primary forts—the Mountain Fortress and the Al-Hara Fortress along with Davidic Aflaj, an old irrigation system. Hatta carries seven enormous below-ground Aflajs (channels) put together for facilitating the gush of subsurface water.

It also has three prominent ancient mosques called Al-Hail Mosque, Al-Wali Mosque, and Al-Sharia Mosque, which was built more than 200 years back.

Natural Attractions

The fresh campaign will also call attention to Hatta’s scenic beauty, wild geographies, and grasslands. The area is enclosed by panoramic cliffs from each orientation along with some valleys like Wadi Al Hattawi, Wadi Al Majarra, Wadi Hatta, etc.

It will further throw light on Hatta’s parks including Tallah Park—a hillside grassland found in the residential region of Hatta Hill. It is undoubtedly an exceptional park when it comes to things like terrain, height, atmosphere, and facilities. Certainly, the park is one of the most gorgeous green regions in the Emirates.

How Do I Get There?

Travelers can take RTA’s Hatta Express bus to arrive at the terminus for AED 25. This particular bus service operates from 7 am to 7 pm back and forth from Dubai Mall, at a regularity of two hours. Each bus carries 55 seats.

The administration has likewise deployed buses with 25 seats to run within Hatta every 30 minutes. The service holds five stops with a ticket price of AED 2.


You can quickly drive your cars to the destination as parking spaces are open from 7 am to 9 pm at an hourly cost of AED 2.

Hatta Dubai

Service lanes and extra parking slots have been furnished in veneer shops near the bus station, Hatta Dam, and Dubai Municipality Park. The capability of the living road has been boosted by putting in a road for automobiles leading the way from the Hatta Fort roundabout to the bus depot. Moreover, six mobility crossroads have been built with the primary Mobility Hub after the bus station.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Hatta for a great winter ahead and don’t forget to bookmark this page for further information! 

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