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Dubai airport game space: Passengers can now rest and play 24 hours  


The new gaming lounge at Dubai International Airport Terminal-3 offers 30 minutes of laytime to infinite hours every day.

There are over 13 play stations and around 40 video titles available to play all day around for 24 hours daily at Game Space— the recently-opened groovy and high-toned gaming lounge at the Dubai airport. The lounge was inaugurated last month and is surely a super cool addition to the area which is gaining popularity rapidly and evolving into a dearest choice among the millions of passengers passing through Dubai International Airport, DXB.

“We have had quite a varied bag of customers,” said Julie Dunkerque, general manager of Game Space. “There are proficient gamers who have come in, and we have had kids and young adults who bring their parents to play along. It is very special to witness the broad range of passengers of all ages from various nationalities using our facility. It is as if gaming connects people across borders and generations.”

This incredible gaming lounge is located at the center of the DXB Family Zone at B Gates in Terminal 3 and is open for 24 hours and accessible 7 days a week; how exciting is that? Also, it offers a variety of packages for visitors and an array of gaming options. Moreover, the cabaret also includes F&B offerings and gaming supplies on sale for an engaging gaming experience like never before.

Game Space Gaming Lounge At Dubai International Airport, Dxb

Can you play for 48 hours Without A Break?

One of the foremost visitors at Game Space gaming lounge grabbed the infinite hours package and played for 48 hours directly. “We were not expecting that,” said Julie. “It was the first week we had unfurled at Dubai Airport and we were not confident about how long people would shell out their time gaming for the first time and having fun overall.”

“This client entered in with his bags. He was believed to have a connecting flight in 24 hours, but the flight got lagged so he expended another day of endless gaming and just proceeded with playing for 48 hours straight. That is the lengthiest anyone has kept up so far.”, Julie further added.

Game Space has not only introduced lovely things for everyone out there but has also hosted classical gamers within its establishment to deliver an innovative new gaming experience for all.

The Italian player, Daniel Madonia came to the lounge while coming back from Bali after the World Esports championship, where he was positioned second around the globe. Well, he certainly got a kick out of the gaming thing along with posing for a picture with the team there. Blissful enough!

Dubai Airport Game Space

The lounge further contains sufficient room for either solo or multi-player gaming cabins with side-by-side seating, along with a family-friendly space that has relevant games that youth can also play; making it a fairly convenient option for families looking to try gaming.

However, it also has a 16+ adult area which has a distinct collection of games. The multiplayer rooms are highly furnished with a 50-inch screen to deliver the most fascinating gaming adventure. Well, it certainly adds an exciting new element to the region, and that is why it is becoming incredibly popular day by day.

The game space has something for all guests and will allow customers to have food and drink options to have unlimited fun throughout. No doubt, it is surely delighted to provide unique fun moments for beginners as well as proficient gamers. It’s surely one of its kind in the region!

“Some people play, leave their loads, and then take a walk through the airport before arriving back to play a bit more,” Julie said. “For plenty of families, Game Space is also the ideal way to engage their children while they do shopping.”

Dubai Airport Game Space

Republic of Gamers (ROG), a subsidiary of ASUS and a trademark well-known for producing a few excellent and best gaming equipment has supplied key hardware for 20 of the 40 gaming stations at Game Space. Moreover, they have correspondingly stood for a part in concocting the interiors and gaming lounge concept of the area.

Each ROG gaming station will contain a PC featuring a motherboard plus a ROG 2K 240Hz monitor, a high-resolution ROG headset, an RGB mechanical ROG keyboard, a high-precision ROG mouse, and an ergonomic ROG gaming chair.

The titles functioning at Game Space consist of Fortnite, League of Legends, Gran Turismo 7, Crash Bandicoot, and EA SPORTS Fifa 23.


Game Space: A Rising Trend

Recently, the team at the lounge said that they constantly keep on attempting to check with the customers about the timings of their connecting flights, to remind them to push to their gates quickly and on time. This clearly exhibits its spectacular rising vogue and that it is fast becoming a favorite among the millions of individuals traveling to and from the airport.

Errol McGlothan, co-director of Game Space, stated, “We are excited to work with Dubai Airports to provide an innovative new gaming experience for tourists at the world’s leading hub. We know that gaming is incredibly popular in the region and Game Space will allow travelers to change their waiting time at the airport into their gaming time.”

Well, this new cabaret is no doubt an excellent initiative by a bunch of creative people that is being loved by everyone. 

Nevertheless, with glares adjusting according to the time of the day— the interiors of this newly opened uber-cool gaming lounge certainly put the spirit in for an electrifying gaming atmosphere. And, that is why make sure to head on to this amazing lounge for a wonderful gaming experience at the Airport, especially when your flight gets delayed next time!

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