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Saudi Arabia citizenship laws changed: Read New Conditions


Saudi Arabia has introduced new statements and laws regarding its citizenship.

Saudi Arabia has recently brought in a significant amendment to the Kingdom’s citizenship law. According to the new regulation, children of Saudi women who are married to ex-pats can directly apply for citizenship after the age of 18, as per the latest news report. 

The authorities approved an amendment to Article 8 of the Saudi Arabian Nationality System. The authority to approve citizenship has been granted to the prime minister, a Saudi Gazette report stated.

Article 8 of the Saudi Arabian Nationality System states that “Somebody who is born in the Kingdom to a foreign father and a Saudi mother may be bestowed Saudi citizenship if particular prerequisites are satisfied.” The report further stated.

Conditions for citizenship application include: 

  • The person has to be fluent in Arabic
  • The person must have permanent residence status in the Kingdom when he comes of permitted age 
  • He has to be of good behavior and sound character 
  • He should not have any criminal convictions or incarceration for a duration transcending six months for any indecent act 

Saudi Arabia Makes A Great Move To Issue E-Passports

The previous month the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declared a fresh stage of issuing e-passports in the country, with the commencement of an online passport establishment for citizens aged 21 and above.

The new class of eligible applicants can now use Absher – the ministry of interiors online platform – for resuscitating their passports.

Applicants can also update their electronic passports through their accounts on the medium and visit their local passport offices without an appointment to have the old passport analyzed.


The Passports Directorate also exhorted citizens to take benefit of the electronic services offered by the Absher platform.

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