Around the World on a Honda Monkey: the Amazing Journey of André Sousa


Portuguese traveler and bike rider André Sousa took his Honda Monkey on a world tour, creating a world record.

His Story

Long-distance travels are no shock for him: the professional Portuguese motorcycle rider André Sousa had already accomplished a big journey. Sousa’s toured around a whole continent, setting the 2018 world record for the fastest trip around South America on a small bike with a 125cc engine. Starting in Brazil, he rode for 120 days and 24,225 kilometers.

And 2020 marked the start of another challenge.

André intended to be the first rider to circumvent the world on a mini moto. The expedition took over two years and he visited 50 countries, traveling 60,000 km in total. He began his journey on July 20, 2020.

Around The World On A Honda Monkey - The Amazing Journey Of André Sousa, Ride That Monkey
Credit: Ride That Monkey

Born in Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal, André Sousa, 23, discovered his passion during an exchange program in Slovakia. After visiting nine Balcan countries, he understood he’d sooner immerse himself in the culture than catch just the surface, like a mere tourist. 

Only using curfews and a “Couchsurfing” network, André was able to make it without spending a cent.


Documenting the Trip

For anyone trying to make a world record in traveling on a motorbike, sharing progress is a must! On André’s website and social media, he documented his journey around the world.

Starting in Avis, Portugal, he traveled south, heading towards Morocco. In the U.S., Sousa suffered a wrist injury after a semi-truck hit his motorbike at 90km/h – 55mph, causing him to stay in LA for medical treatment. But nothing could stop him from the record as the first racer to ride around the world on a Honda Monkey.

Reaching the End

Back in Portugal, Sousa is thrilled to have achieved his objective. With his name on the news, fame reached him in the world of engines and wheels. Undoubtedly, we can anticipate more from André Sousa!

What’s next for André Sousa

On September 3rd, 2023, André announced another adventure he planned to overtake. Andre posted on his Facebook,

❗ I’m going to go around the world again ❗


✅ Stage 1 – South Pole to North Pole

• 50000kms

• 1 year

At this stage I will do as much latitude as possible around the globe, under the command of the Honda Africa Twin 1100 💪 it will be spectacular!

In this huge adventure, I will also show you everything on YouTube!”

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