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Best Relaxing Games to Play in 2024 — For Xbox, Switch, PS4 & More!


Life can be overwhelming and stressful at times. Sometimes all we need is to immerse ourselves in the world of relaxing games for an hour or two for a serene escape. Whether gaming is a hobby for you, or a form of relaxing therapy, this curated list of the best relaxing games to play will provide you with a calming respite from the daily stress.

Relaxing games can soothe you after a long day or provide you with a fun time to keep stress and anxiety away.

Not everyone likes the same kind of games: while some people might be more interested in action, destroying flocks of zombies, stopping alien attacks, or smashing buttons in fighting arcade rounds; others want to delve into more calm and visually soothing game environments, captivating graphics and a slower pace.

  1. What Defines a Relaxing Game? 
  2. Top Relaxing Games to Play in 2024: Our List
    1. Townscaper
    2. My Oasis: Anxiety Relief Game
    3. ABZÛ
    4. Stardew Valley
    5. House Flipper
    6. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector
    7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    8. Osmos
    9. Carto
    10. Untitled Goose Game
    11. Farm Together
    12. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
    13. Cats and Soup
    14. Penguin Isle
  3. Conclusion

What Defines a Relaxing Game?

Relaxing games are approachable, non-violent, and rather accessible for their ease of play. These games often captivate players with their soothing soundtracks, lovely character designs, satisfying game loops, or a mix of everything. They are all about a friendly and wholesome experience for you to get into.

Playing games releases dopamine in our bodies (the feel-good hormone), which helps in easing stress and reducing anxiety. Relaxing games can help you to pause from the daily grind of a stressful routine for a while and step into de-stress mode.

Top Relaxing Games to Play in 2024: Our List


Townscaper is not like a regular story-based game, but more of an ongoing city-builder where you can use your creativity to build amazing cityscapes. You can put structures in the virtual game world, create a city, and see it expand and become incredible. It offers endless possibilities for creativity and relaxation.

Best Relaxing Games To Play In 2024

Townscaper is available to buy for Nintendo Switch on Amazon. It is available for Windows and macOS on Steam: Buy it on Steam.


My Oasis: Anxiety Relief Game

This game is perfect for you if you don’t have time for meditation in your busy schedule and find yourself absorbed in your phone. My Oasis: Anxiety Relief Game is suitable for those looking to play on their phones.

As you start playing and interacting with the game, completing its multiple missions and minigames, the Oasis grows, and your island continues to expand. It’s simple and relaxing!

Though its repetitive nature may not suit everyone, it’s a serene anxiety relief game nonetheless.

It is available for free on App Store and Play Store. Did I mention it was awarded an Editor’s Choice badge? And it can be played offline!

Best Relaxing Games To Play In 2024


Have you ever wanted to explore the depths of the ocean? Dive into the deep oceans with ABZU. With some of the best underwater scenes and vibrant colors, this game provides an unmatched experience in the realm of ocean exploration games.

There are many ocean and sea exploration games available for PC, and most are pretty good, but ABZÛ is just one step ahead. Just exploring the stunning ocean with a lush hidden world, you will always find yourself discovering breathtaking scenes!

Abzu - Best Relaxing Games To Play

Where to Buy:
PS4: ABZÛ for PS4 on Amazon
Xbox One:
ABZÛ for Xbox One on Amazon
Nintendo Switch: ABZÛ for Nintendo Switch on Amazon
PC: ABZÛ for PC on Steam


Stardew Valley

When speaking of the best chill games, the mention of Stardew Valley is a must! It is a delightful blend of Nintendo titles “Harvest Moon” and “Animal Crossing“. Although there are goals and challenges and even some fighting, you can do it at your own pace while having the option to roam around freely.

The core goal of the game is to create a little patch of farmland in a faraway village. But, as time passes, you get to meet people and dig into scary subterranean caves. Also, get ready to fish!

You can look for a nostalgic art style in this game — Truly brings back the retro vibe.

Stardew Valley - Best Relaxing Games To Play

This can definitely be one of the best relaxing games for PC. It is available to buy on Steam, and also available on consoles: Buy for PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. You can also buy and play it on mobile on the App Store and Play Store.

House Flipper

Those who love house renovation and design will definitely find this game a satisfying simulation experience. You have the freedom to customize and renovate the house — From renovating the walls and repainting to changing the tiles, do it as you like.

House Flipper offers you a sense of achievement when you refurbish a run-down house into a beautiful livable space. The realism of the simulator is top-tier. It’s a perfect pick for killing time while having fun.

House Flipper - Best Relaxing Games To Play

Where to Buy:
Xbox One:
Buy for Xbox One on Amazon
Nintendo Switch: Buy for Nintendo Switch on Amazon
PS4: Buy for PS4 on Amazon
PC: Buy for Windows and MacOS on Steam


Here’s another treat for you. There’s a new House Flipper 2 available to buy and play starting 14 Dec 2023.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

It is what it sounds like. A simple yet endearing game where you attract cats to your garden by placing toys and treats. By loading your garden with toys, meals, and beds, you can attract them to your yard.

Perfect for casual play as you only have to check in occasionally. There’s no pressure to always be playing it. You just set up your garden and check in to see if you have any furred pals hanging around.

Neko Atsume Kitty Collector - Best Relaxing Games To Play

It is available to play for free on App Store and Play Store.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing is a beloved social simulation video game series developed by Nintendo. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the best-selling game in the series and the second most popular on Nintendo Switch (right after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe).

It’s a life simulation game played in real-time and set in an open world, where you play a character. You can customize your island, create a home, interact with cute animal villagers, and just enjoy life. The weather in the game adapts to the seasons of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

You can gather wood and then turn it into furniture, plant trees, and flowers, go fishing, catch bugs, and a lot more. You can befriend the adorable characters in it, and grow your friendships in new areas. The colors are gentle, which gives the game a pleasing and calming feel.

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Best Relaxing Games To Play

This game is available to buy for Nintendo Switch. You can purchase a digital or physical copy on Amazon.

You can also download and play a compact version of the game, “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” from the App Store and Play Store. This version is all about creating a campsite and finding the furniture you like: Tents, hammocks, fireplaces, a stuffed animal sofa…mix and match to your heart’s desire!


Space is comforting, right? The infinite darkness… the vastness of space… That’s the reason Osmos provides a relaxing experience. Your objective in the game is simple: grow by absorbing other motes. Propel yourself by ejecting matter behind you. But be wise: ejecting matter also shrinks you. Good things will come to you with patience.

The gameplay is calm and relaxing but the true strength of the game is its sound design and music. A true meditative experience. It comforts your depths and fosters a sense of warmth in you.

Osmos Game - Best Relaxing Games To Play

Where to Buy:
Buy on App Store
Buy on Steam


A charming experience around a remarkable, world-altering puzzle game. Explore mysterious lands, help quirky characters, and show Carto the way on her travel back home.

Carto Game - Best Relaxing Games To Play

Where to Buy:
Buy on Amazon for Nintendo Switch
Buy on Steam


Untitled Goose Game

This game’s simple yet hilarious premise provides light-hearted fun. It features a mischievous goose willing to play stunts on people in a small British town. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a blend of humor and casual gameplay.

You take on the role of the goose and, throughout the game, you interact with different citizens. If you’re looking for a fun time, this one is for you!

Untitled Goose Game - Best Relaxing Games To Play

Where to Buy:
Buy on Amazon for Nintendo Switch and PS4
Buy on Steam for PC

Farm Together

This is a relaxing farming simulator where you plant crops and play with other players in a multiplayer mode. This is one of those games that become more enjoyable as you keep playing it.

You can also construct your home and decorate it, adorn your garden… tons of stuff to keep you engaged and amused.

Farm Together Game - Best Relaxing Games To Play

Where to Buy:
Buy on Amazon for PlayStation 4
Buy on Amazon for Nintendo Switch
Buy on Steam for PC

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Another one from Nintendo. This time in the Mario franchise, we have Toad as the protagonist. Toad might have one of the peskiest voices in the world of gaming, but the magical puzzle boxes that it explores are cute enough to make you overlook it.

All the self-contained riddles are full of tools, tricks, and silly little quests, all wrapped in beautiful, toyetic art style. The game starts simple, but as you progress the difficulty increases. Its gameplay, coupled with adorable graphics, makes it a fun relaxing game to enjoy during short breaks.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - Best Relaxing Games To Play

This game was originally produced for Wii U, but is also available for Switch now. You can buy a digital or physical copy of the game for Nintendo Switch, 3DS, or Wii U on Amazon.

Cats and Soup

This one I love to play in my spare time. The idea of this interesting game is simple — The cats prepare and cook soup, and you have to oversee and collect it! You can even get fresh recipes, clothe your cats in various outfits, and play mini-games or puzzles.

The graphics are beautiful and impressive, and it’s a nice one to kill time while you see the cats play around, relax, and cook soup. It features multiple fascinating cat breeds, such as the Ragdoll, Main Coon, and British Shorthair.

Its simplicity and cuteness are just wholesome. Cats and Soup is one of those mobile games where you easily get addicted to it after a while.

Cats And Soup Game - Best Relaxing Games To Play

It is available to play on the App Store and Play Store. Netflix released an animated trailer for it and people loved it.

Penguin Isle

This wonderful game takes place in the winter wonderland of an island, where sweet and lovely penguins are waiting for you. You will create their habitats and meet new arctic friends along the way.

The game’s comforting ambiance and cute animations will take you into a state of relaxation, letting you unwind from your worries.

Penguin Isle Game - Best Relaxing Games To Play

Another win for our mobile gamers! It is available for free on App Store and Play Store.


This was our selection of the best relaxing games that you can enjoy playing in your free time!

From creative builder games to enjoyable farming simulators, this curated list includes good options for multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and more. So play these in your leisure time to unwind and relax in the playful and soothing virtual environment of these games.

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