New Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition; a tribute to W16 Mistral Roadster


The new Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition is a homage to the Mistral, the final road-going Bugatti model to use the iconic W16 engine. It is built on a cutting-edge carbon fiber structure. The hand-built vehicle created in partnership with The Little Car Company replicates the exterior and interior design of the W16 Mistral.

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Bugatti and The Little Car Company have created a limited-edition carbon-inspired new Bugatti Baby II, created exclusively for W16 Mistral owners. The Baby II, a 75 percent scale version of the Bugatti Type 35, was unveiled in 2019 to mark the automaker’s 110th birthday and is significant in preserving the history of the Bugatti. Owners of the new Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition can have the carbon fiber architecture of their W16 Mistral matched to the Baby II to a unique degree of detail, as it is made just for owners of the Mistral.

Bugatti Baby

History (The birth of the Bugatti “Baby”)

In 1926, when Roland turned four years old, Ettore and his son Jean made the decision to build a half-scale Type 35 for him. What Ettore and Jean had meant as a one-time gift ended up becoming a genuine Bugatti car. Visitors to Molsheim provided such excellent comments that it was put into production and sold between 1927 and 1936.

Ettore And His Son Ronald

Bespoke Design

Baby II beautifully painted black components with visible carbon elements, the Carbon Edition looks remarkably similar to the ordinary variants of the Baby II from a visual standpoint. The owners have the choice of individual design specifications to make their cars, personal.

The Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition incorporates numerous carbon features, as the name implies. The dashboard panel, interior panels, mirror mount, radiator, and grille are all made of composite material. The Carbon Editions are unlikely to be identical because clients can customize these to fit their W16 Mistral hypercars. The core of the bespoke black wood steering wheel also has a carbon center.

Bugatti Baby Ii Carbon Edition

The car is physically and aesthetically lighter than the “normal” Bugatti Baby II since the spare wheel and its bracket, as well as the straps, have been removed. As a reference to the W16 Mistral’s headlights, the car features horizontal LED styling.

The battery gauge has been rebuilt to resemble a component of the fuel pressure gauge from the original Bugatti Type 35. The oil gauge has evolved into a power gauge as a tribute to the Bugatti Veyron treatment. Additionally, a quick-release mechanism is included in the famed four-spoke steering wheel’s scale replica to facilitate quick and simple access to the cockpit.

Bugatti Baby Ii Carbon Edition 1

The forward, neutral, and reverse selections have been precisely replicated on the fuel pump handle, which also acts as the adjustable pedals and is proudly engraved with the iconic “EB” insignia.


If the owner wants to celebrate Bugatti’s homeland, they may even have the side of the car hand-painted with the French flag.

Bugatti Baby Ii Carbon Edition

The chassis number and model name are displayed on the custom engraved internal panel. All limited-edition Bugatti Baby II variants, including these Carbon Editions, will be limited to just 500 total units. It is a contemporary tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s original masterpiece, the Bugatti Baby, built in 1926.


Models: Base / Vitesse & Pur Sang

Power:4kW / 10kW

Driving Modes: Novice, Expert / Speed Key

Dimensions:2.76M (L), 1.05M (W), 0.8M (H)

Top speed: 45KPH / 68KPH


*Top speed US & Canada: 30KPH*

top speed may vary in certain territories due to local laws and regulations.

However, the W16 Mistral, the last Bugatti to be built with the legendary W16 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged engine, aims to surpass 260 mph and set a new record for the fastest roadster. It will use innovative aerodynamics and 1,578 horsepower to get there.


The Baby II Carbon Edition is priced at €80,000 plus taxes and shipping (about $84,600 at the current conversion rate). The car is a luxury possession without a doubt.

Wiebke Stahl, Managing Director at Bugatti International, shared: “The new Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition takes inspiration from our ‘Form Follows Performance’ philosophy; an ethos that has informed and ensured that all of Bugatti’s automobiles, lifestyle products, and experiences meet the highest standards, be that in quality, luxury, design, and performance”.

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, commented: “The Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition will be the ultimate collector’s item for those lucky W16 Mistral owners. We are honored that Bugatti wanted to collaborate on this beautiful edition”.

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