Netherlands’ Utrecht library offers cyclists to recharge their e-devices by cycling


Utrecht, the fourth-largest city of the Netherlands with a population of 361,966, is located about 35 km southeast of the capital Amsterdam, wherein, roughly 90,000 cyclists daily travel to their jobs or schools on paramount cycling routes.

The city has launched an amazing initiative for cycling enthusiasts and fitness freaks—a library where you can charge electric devices through cycling. This initiative is also a step towards promoting renewable energy.

Utrecht is known for its medieval depth. The city has got wonderful things to explore such as tree-lined canals, Christian commemorations, and a venerated university and also famous for its remarkable Domtoren, a bell tower with city sentiments that is located opposite the Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin on the main Domplein square.

Netherlands Utrecht Library Cycling

The region and its people are constantly blossoming to set up energy conservation measures in the region and never fail to come up with incredible ways to reduce the energy losses in the area. It has become the first metropolis to compel citizens to lay off their gas cookers to increase sustainable energy.

The city established a library where people can easily recharge their electric devices by cycling using stationary bicycles, converting the mechanical output into electricity, making it one of the most environment-friendly places to visit in Utrecht Neude!

Netherlands Utrecht Library Cycling

The aim behind this new and wonderful strategy is to use the energy lost through cycling into watts for sustainability.


Cyclists and gym freaks are all extremely excited to be a part of this cool initiative.

Bicycles in Utrecht

Cycling is relatively very popular in Utrecht, thus, the easiest way of getting around this city is by bike be it a road bike or any other rider.

The cycling routes are highly developed and will be improved in the coming years with adequate incentives. This will make the paths safer, instantaneous, and more convenient.

Docked at your destination? Easily, place your bike in a stand or in one of the terrific bicycle parking spots. However, bikes that are parked erroneously or dangerously can be abducted by the municipality. To evade this inconvenience, you can park your bike in secured parking.

Netherlands Utrecht Library Cycling 1

To your ambush, the majority of them are free for 24 hours! Well, what can be better than this? 


However, there are even more spots where you can rent a bike, a so-called OV-fiets, but that is with membership required. 

How to charge electric devices and generate electricity using a cycle?

There are various general methods to recharge a cellular phone battery but still, people usually end up with a discharged battery at the stint to hit the road. Therefore,  the necessity for a product like an electronic charging widget nestled on bikes to act as a mobile power supply for different electronic devices is increased with time—especially in places like Utrecht. 

Although there is a broad display of portative charging devices, such as battery banks or hand-cranked dynamos— there are no charging systems that consist of a combination of the dynamo, and USB power creation like this one. The connections in this design are wholly readied to fulfill their operation with excellent connectivity and particularly waterproof qualities, to ensure the optimal process in any weather ailments.

Since innumerable improvements and transformations will readily emerge for those who are skilled, it is not desirable to restrict the innovation to the actual edifice and operation as shown and characterized. 

Cycling benefits

Cycling is undoubtedly wholesome, cheap, and promising for the environment. Riding a bike while toiling might sound unusual, but it can actually benefit the quality of your work. 

“People don’t acknowledge that they can accomplish two things at the same duration,” says Verhaegen. “But analyses are ascertaining that by doing gentle workouts while accomplishing computer work, you’re more attentive and more imaginative. Also, reading and reflecting speed is improved. For productivity, and ideation, it’s really useful to do this.”

Recently, more work is being done to put forward a new version of the bike later this year with some additional characteristics, like a counter that goes after how much you’ve exercised during the day. 

Dutch reaction to library’s initiative

Utrecht is a real bicycle metropolis. The world’s largest number of public travel across the city by bicycle. And, therefore, Utrecht is always pondering over ways to make cycling even more pleasant and imploring its people along with auxiliary benefits.

“We allocate preference to the bicycle as a healthful, clean, and secure mode of transport.”

Hence, the majority of the people in the area are exceptionally delighted with this new initiative while others think it wasn’t required. 

“This is just a nice concept idea.” said a commentator on Reddit. 

Nevertheless, we find the whole idea of a calm library with bicycles charging electronic devices very fascinating. And,  if you’re the same then don’t forget to bookmark this page for future updates and more wonderful stuff! 

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