7 Best Products From Amazon to Organize & Declutter Your Home


Have you started your spring cleaning yet? It’s that time of year when everything feels fresh, but if you’re living in a cluttered mess, try these Amazon organizing products to declutter your home.

If you peeked into my house, you wouldn’t find the best example of home organization and storage. But after discovering these amazing products, I am turning over a new leaf to get things organized and decluttered.

Below, we have listed and reviewed the 7 best home organization and decluttering products you can buy from Amazon.

1. Label Maker Machine With Smart App

A label maker is a great place to start because it ensures there is “a place for everything and everything in its place.” I like this one because the labels are waterproof, so they can be used in the kitchen or washroom. It is great for labeling storage bins, boxes, food containers, and more.

This label maker can be used with an app on your smartphone, with 35 fonts and over a thousand icons to give you the look you want on your labels. It even lets you add barcodes, QR codes, and emojis to your labels. The smart app also provides over 600 templates to customize your labels. This product has over 6500 reviews on Amazon and has a high rating of 4.4/5 stars.

2. Refrigerator Storage Organizer Bins

I don’t know what the inside of your fridge looks like, but mine can sometimes be a dystopian nightmare. It can resemble a losing game of Tetris, with old, molding leftovers in the back where I can’t see them and sticky, mysterious spills on every shelf.

No matter how thoroughly you clean your fridge and refrigerator, it can always end up messed up and untidy. Storage and organization containers can prevent this in the future, providing a way to have specific separate compartments for different things.


These BPA-free, durable plastic storage bins can make your fridge organized and neat, providing you with more space and less clutter. These are ideal for fruits, meat, milk, salad dressing, drink bottles, canned food, packaged food, condiments, jelly, and more. They are easy to clean and can prevent spills into the fridge or refrigerator.

You can use these for fridge, freezer, or pantry organization. They could even be used as a cabinet organizer. They have been reviewed over 33 thousand times, with 4.7/5 stars on Amazon.

3. Closet Organizer and Storage

The closet mostly ends up being the messed up storage in the bedroom. Everything gets shoved in there! No matter how good you are at decluttering and organizing things, the closet tends to get ignored.

Several years ago after reading Japanese author, Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I reorganized my whole closet, but it has since returned to its natural state. Closet organization is essential to living a clutter-free life!

This is one of the coolest Amazon organization products, with the potential to add more and more storage bins, as you outgrow the first set. It comes in a 9-cube set and can be configured in different ways.


This product has sold over 2000 units in the past month, so you know it’s a hot item! It has been reviewed over 3500 times, with a rating of 4.4/5 stars on Amazon.

4. Stackable Shoe Organizer for Closet

Don’t leave the closet yet! We have to get that shoe situation under control! Having adequate clothes storage is important, but equally important is having a nice, neat storage space for your shoes. With this product, all your shoes will finally have a home!

These stackable shoe storage boxes provide dust-free protection for your shoes while maximizing storage space. You can create a shoe tower with a snap-tight clasp design, and upgrade your shoe organization to the next level with these boxes. These shoe boxes are made of sturdy and durable premium plastic.

The product comes in a pack of 12 shoe organizer boxes with a clear front and will look great next to the closet organizer storage unit. It is an Amazon’s Choice item and has been reviewed over 32,000 times, with 4.2/5 stars.

5. Remote Control Caddy

Picture this: it’s been a long day of exhausting work, and you’re ready to put your feet up and binge your favorite show while munching on some delicious, buttery microwave popcorn.

You sit down, tuck a light throw over your feet, and reach for the remote control, only to discover it isn’t where you could have sworn you left it. Now you have to get up and dig around in all the cushions and under the furniture until you find it. This can be avoided!


There are a lot of remote control caddies that can be mounted to the wall or sit up on a hard surface. I like this one because it hangs over the arm of the couch, so it’s right where you are when you want to watch TV.

It has 7 pockets where you can put newspapers, magazines, an iPad or a tablet, remote controls, eyeglasses, mobile phones, as well as other portable devices. It even has a bottle holder and a non-slip grip.

This adjustable couch remote holder can fit on most sizes of armrests on couches, sofas, and recliners. It has been reviewed over 12 thousand times, with 4.3/5 stars on Amazon.

6. Drawer Organizer for Kitchen or Office

One of the most frustratingly cluttered spaces in my kitchen, other than my fridge, is my junk drawer! A junk drawer, for the uninitiated, is a kitchen drawer for the hoarder who lives in us all.

It’s full of safety pins and rubber bands and pens and little broken pieces of gadgets and old USB cables and pushpins and receipts. It’s okay to hang onto all those things, but if they are organized in little compartments, it is so much better!


This set of drawer organizer trays comes in a 25-pack. There are Amazon best sellers, with four different sizes, so you can mix and match for any drawer in your house.

These are great kitchen organizers, but they can also be used in the bathroom, as storage bins for makeup and skincare products, or in the office. They have over 32 thousand ratings and 4.7/5 stars on Amazon.

7. Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

By now you will not be shocked to learn that my jewelry is a tangled mess strewn across my dresser. I keep thinking to myself, “I really need to get a jewelry organizer” but it still hasn’t happened. I’ll be dropping some major hints come Mother’s Day this year. . .

This Rustic Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer is gorgeous and fits a ton of jewelry! My sister got it for Christmas last year and hasn’t stopped gushing about how much she loves it.

It is made of real wood and is handmade with a brown barn wood finish, creating a rustic look. It’s a great storage box for jewelry because it has places for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. It has 1400+ reviews, with a 4.6/5 rating. It’s also available in white, rustic, and wood color variants.


Hopefully, you are inspired to begin to declutter your space and create a home you want to spend time in. I like Marie Kondo’s advice, to remove what doesn’t “spark joy” in you. But even necessities like rubber bands and paperclips can spark joy when they are neatly stored in their little organizers and storage bins.


Don’t be overwhelmed. Start with just one area and see how you feel when it is tidy. You will be a minimalist in no time!

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