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Floating city Saudi Arabia: World’s largest turtle-shaped Pangeos Terayacht


Saudi Arabia has been building a massive $8 billion turtle-shaped terayacht that would become the world’s biggest water and largest floating structure once it’s completed.

The supercontinent Pangea inspired the name of the ship, known as Pangeos, which has room for up to 60,000 passengers. The Lazzarini design firm is renowned for its forward-thinking ideas for high-end mobility. It presented the Air Yacht, a helium-powered floating superyacht design, previously in the year.

Pangeos’ interior details have not even been made public, but Lazzarini anticipates that construction will begin around 2033 and last for eight years, costing about $8 billion.

Floating City Saudi Arabia

The “flying metropolis of the future” is separated into sections, which include restaurants, shopping complexes, roof-mounted- mounted gardens, resorts, and even airports, according to the architecture firm. It looks like a floating city in Saudi Arabia.

Nine HTS electrical turbines, each with a capacity of 16,800 horsepower, will be installed in the terayacht, allowing it to cruise at a speed of five knots while housing 19 luxury residences and 64 flats on each of the turtle wings. Lazzarini suggested KSA, as the place for the terayacht in its description of Pangeos.

There are many strange happenings in the world, both natural and man-made, like flying hotels. And right now, a huge floating city might actually come to pass! If it is built, the world’s giant turtle-shaped ship will be a new terayacht that has been unveiled.

The launch of a terayacht, a ship larger than super, mega, and Giga yacht could draw a lot of attention at a time when global travel is resuming after a pandemic-induced lull. The luxury vessel Pangeos’ design has recently been unveiled by designers Lazzarini, and if all goes according to plan, it will be the largest boat in the world as well as the most impressive boat in the entire globe.

Floating City Saudi Arabia

What Is the Process?

Over 30,000 cells installed beneath the living area would keep the yacht afloat. Its cruise speed would be five knots.

It goes without saying that solar panels would be installed on a sizable portion of the hull and beam to supply power. Despite the fact that this is only a prototype, Lazzarini and Saudi Arabia are treating it seriously.

In fact, they’ve started a crowdsourcing effort where anyone can pay $16 for a virtual ticket or an NFT that grants entry to their own virtual condo in the boat. It is the largest floating structure ever built on the earth.

Floating City Saudi Arabia

The Giant Ship’s Dimensions

Once completed, according to The Arabian Business, it would be the biggest floating superstructure ever constructed. It is currently being developed. The opulent undertaking was developed by the Italian design group Lazzarini.

The giant ship would just be 1,800 feet long. Its widest point would be the 610-meter wings of Pangeos (2,000 feet), according to Lazzarini.

On every one of the floating vessel’s wings, there will be 64 flats and 19 villas. In addition to these features, Pangeos will also have a supermarket and a beach resort.


It will be powered by virtually infinite renewable energy sources. The engine is probably powered by solar panels on the roof and ocean waves.

The maximum speed for the enormous turtle-shaped boat is predicted to be 5 knots (5.7 mph/9.2 kph). The distinctive structure will also feature an infrastructure called a “Terashipyard” that is 650 meters wide and 600 meters long and provides it with a simple connection to the sea. A turtle-shaped floating city could become an attraction around the world.

Suitable site

Naturally, the architects would also require a unique location in order to construct such a large tower. KSA has been suggested by the architects as the site for construction. Before construction can start, a square kilometer of the sea will need to be excavated, and a circular dam will need to be built. The King Abdullah Port has been chosen by the terayatch’s creators as the appropriate location.

The feedback was provided by different viewers after watching the video that Lazzarini put on their YouTube account. They rated terayatch in the following order:

The remark stated, “Projects like these are impossible for me to even wrap my head around the amount of time labor, materials, and money something like this requires.”

Floating City Saudi Arabia

“Doable concept and not necessarily significant forward-facing resistance if the entire light materials construction is created to float atop multihulls parallel to each other and cutting through the navigation direction,” another user noted. a loose association of catamarans of some sort.


The supercontinent Pangea, which is thought to have existed around 355 million years ago, is the source of the word Pangeos. The massive vessel is anticipated to include space for malls, ports for smaller ships, and aircraft to transport passengers. To make your stay here as comfortable as possible, the super-comfortable edifice is also reported to be outfitted with hotels and parks. According to official media, the terayacht’s size and design will enable 60,000 people to dwell on the water.

Furthermore, the boat is currently simply a concept or an idea. It needs room to be built, and locations in Saudi Arabia near Jeddah have been suggested as the appropriate spot to do so. Not only that, but the construction of the floating city will also cost about USD 8 billion (about Rs 65,280 crores).

After reading the concept, it appears to be a huge floating being constructed for Saudi Arabia by an Italian designer. It might be the best on the entire planet. I give the Italian architect my highest praise for having the vision to plan such a significant project.

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