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Self Driving Baby Stroller ‘Ella’ Showcased at CES 2023 – costs $3300


The Canadian startup Glüxkind displayed their AI-powered smart stroller “Ella” at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas.

Now that we were gradually getting used to self-driving cars, Anne Hunger and Kevin Huang, the co-founders of Glüxkind came up with a self-driving smart stroller.

What inspired the makers of self-driving stroller?

The founders of Vancouver baby gear startup GlüxKind, came up with the idea of Ella smart stroller when they became parents in 2020. Their aim was to “take the load off your shoulders” and provide an “extra set of eyes” to ensure the safety of the baby.

Self Driving Stroller Ella Showcased At Ces 2023
The Glüxkind Ella smart stroller

The name of the company, GlüxKind, was inspired by the German word Glückskind. “Glück” translates to lucky and “Kind” means child. In this case, I believe, more than the child, the parents would be lucky to have a smart stroller to carry their MOST PRECIOUS CARGO.

CES 2023 Innovation Award Winner

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered smart stroller of Gluxkind won the CES Innovation Award Honoree title. It was recognized as the most innovative product of 2023. Ella received the top score in the category of Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility out of a record-breaking 2000 submissions this year.

Self Driving Stroller Smart Ella Ces 2023
The Glüxkind Ella smart stroller at CES 2023

Features of Ella Self-Driving Stroller

Sensors, Motors, and AI

The stroller is equipped with sensors, motors, and artificial intelligence (AI), and it can drive itself while it is empty, follow parents while they carry their infants, and stop automatically if it gets too far away or runs encounters an obstacle.

Self Driving Stroller Smart Ella Ces 2023
The Glüxkind Ella smart stroller

Power Assist

The robust dual electric motors also assist when manually pushing the 13.6kg stroller uphill, just like an e-bike, with a maximum speed of about 4mph.

Downhill Brake Assist

Ella adjusts to your pace, stays within arm’s length, and stops when you do. With the Intelligent Adaptive Braking System, you do not need to worry about a runaway stroller again.


Automatic Parking

The multi-level braking technology allows the stroller to be automatically parked when stopped, resolving any runaway pram concerns.

Self Driving Stroller Smart Ella Ces 2023
The Glüxkind Ella smart stroller


Parents are forewarned of any possible collision hazards through sounds and lights flashing in the handle thanks to cameras peppered over the frame of the buggy, which detects and track mobile and stationary objects such as people, bikes, and benches in real-time.


Ella has an automatic “rock-my-baby” feature to help you both at home and while you’re out and about. The gentle rocking motion imitates the motion of the stroller, prolongs your baby’s sleep, and provides you some time to relax.

White Noise

The built-in white noise machine soothes your child. It produces a soothing womb-like atmosphere for newborns, allowing them to stop fussing, fall asleep sooner, and sleep longer.


Ella allows you to check in on your baby at any time. You can utilize the Glüxkind smartphone app and the Find-My-Baby feature when you are not the one out exploring with your baby. It displays the exact location of the stroller.

Self-Driving mode works when the stroller is empty

The stroller is only capable of driving itself when empty. It is intended to be used while holding your child at a park or a mall without a spare hand pushing the stroller.

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Safety Concerns Regarding Self-Driving Strollers

Self-driving stroller aims to reduce the burden on parents while they hold their babies. The self-driving feature works only when the baby is not in the stroller so apparently the stroller is safe for your baby.

But is it safe for the children of others? Would the motion sensors accurately detect other children in the park? Or is it a safety hazard for others? We certainly need a little more assurance from the makers regarding the safety of others.

Cost of Glüxkind Self Driving Stroller

The smart self-driving stroller costs a total of $3,300.

Where Can You Buy Self-Driving Stroller?

The stroller is now available for preorder in North America, with a crowdfunding campaign expected to launch in the spring. You can place your order here. Delivery is set to begin in April.

Although $3,300 is fairly expensive for a stroller, tech-savvy parents who want the newest gadgets will undoubtedly be interested in it. The self-driving stroller provides an almost ideal fusion of innovation and functionality.

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