Top 10 Books to Read in 2024: Must-Reads for Book Lovers


Calling all the bookworms and literature enthusiasts! As we enter 2024, it’s the perfect time to refresh our reading lists with captivating reads that promise to enchant and inspire.

As a reading enthusiast, you are always looking for good books to add to your reading list. Nothing is more frustrating than wondering, “What should I read next?”

Now, as we leave 2023 behind, let’s set our goals by adding must-read titles to our reading list for 2024.

In this article, I will show you a list of independently selected titles to help you discover the best books to read in 2024. And no, we don’t mention the book written by Prince Harry!

So here is my list of top 10 books to read in 2024.

1. The Reading List, by Sara Nisha Adams (debut – 2021)

  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction
  • Mood: Emotional, Hopeful
  • Pace: Medium
  • Trigger Warnings: Death, Grief, Mental Illness
  • Review Score: 4.10/5 (Goodreads); 4.11/5 (The StoryGraph)
  • Get Book: Buy on Amazon
The Reading List By Sara Nisha Adams
The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams

It is a heartfelt story set in Wembley, West London. Widower Mukesh is living a quiet life after the passing of his beloved wife. He is concerned about his granddaughter, Priya, who spends hours in her room reading books.

Aleisha is a bright, anxious teenager working at the local library as a summer job. There, she finds a piece of paper containing a reading list from the back of the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Intrigued and bored, she dives deep into it and impulsively decides to read every book on the list. As she continues to read, the books take her away from the painful realities she’s facing at home.

Meanwhile, to build a connection with his bookworm granddaughter Priya, Mukesh visits the library with her. There, Aleisha shows him the reading list she found, and gradually, they bond over those fictional worlds, escaping from their everyday problems.


Their shared journey offers a touching exploration of grief, connection, and the transformative power of stories.

Finalist in the Goodreads Choice Awards for Fiction 2021. This is one of the best books I can recommend.

Sara Nisha Adams narrated the story wonderfully in her debut novel. It is a must-read for young adult and adult audiences looking to read an unforgettable and heartwarming story. I am patiently waiting for new book releases from her.

2. Cloud Cuckoo Land, by Anthony Doerr (2021)

  • Genre: Literary, Speculative Fiction
  • Mood: Emotional, Adventurous
  • Pace: Medium
  • Trigger Warnings: Death, War
  • Rating: 4.27/5 (Goodreads); 4.34/5 (The StoryGraph)
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Cloud Cuckoo Land By Anthony Doerr
Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author brings us a narrative about imagination, empathy, strength, and hope.

The story is about five characters from different eras (spanning nearly six centuries) bound together by their mutual fondness for a single ancient Greek comedy book called “Cloud Cuckoo Land.”

I haven’t had the chance to read a book by Anthony Doerr before, but this book was a delightful discovery for me. The skillful narration, with its short chapters and a compelling storyline, makes it a MUST-READ book to add to your reading list.

The book truly stands out! It shows our eternal interconnectedness! Doerr’s novel was a nominee (and finalist) for the National Book Award.


3. The Silence of Scheherazade, by Defne Suman (2016)

  • Genre: Fiction, Literary, Historical
  • Mood: Emotional, Reflective
  • Pace: Medium
  • Trigger Warnings: Violence, War, Fire/Fire Injury
  • Rating: 4.01/5 (Goodreads); 3.94/5 (The StoryGraph)
  • Get Book: Buy on Amazon
The Silence Of Scheherazade, By Defne Suman
The Silence of Scheherazade by Defne Suman

Set in the ancient city of Smyrna, this powerful novel follows the interconnected fates of four families as the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire pulls apart their peaceful city. Birth, death, romance, and grief are all to come as the peaceful, cosmopolitan streets are used as bargaining chips in the wake of the First World War.

The novel offers a window into a culture rich with history and complexity. As a massive fan of the historical fiction genre, I found this recently translated book enlightening and deeply moving, perfectly blending entertainment with a journey into the past.

4. Betty, by Tiffany McDaniel (2020)

  • Genre: Fiction, Historical
  • Mood: Emotional, Reflective, Challenging
  • Pace: Medium
  • Trigger Warnings: Rape, Incest, Racism
  • Rating: 4.40/5 (Goodreads); 4.50/5 (The StoryGraph)
  • Get Book: Buy on Amazon
Betty By Tiffany Mcdaniel
Betty by Tiffany McDaniel

This is the tale of Betty Carpenter, a girl born in Arkansas in 1954 to a Cherokee father and a white mother. Their world is filled with poverty, racism, abuse, and violence. After years on the road, the Carpenters return to their hometown of Breathed, Ohio, in northern Appalachia.

Against overwhelming odds, Betty may be the first member of her family to be free from the cycle of abuse and trauma.

The author sets out to free the past by telling this heartbreaking yet magical story inspired by the life of her own mother.

It is a remarkable novel that offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of those marginalized in society. I admired Betty’s character not only as a hard-working American woman of color but also for her courage and determination. Words cannot describe this fictional memoir in all its greatness.

This book will earn your heart! Praised for its raw emotion and resilience, it has been recognized in The LA Times and The Irish Times. Betty’s story is not just a tale of survival but a testament to the power of hope and the human spirit.


The author’s much-awaited novel, “On The Savage Site,” is now also available to buy on Amazon. Her work has been featured in Oprah Daily as well.

5. Letters to a Young Poet, by Rainer Maria Rilke (1929)

  • Genre: Nonfiction, Classics, Essay, Poetry
  • Mood: Reflective, Inspiring
  • Pace: Fast
  • Trigger Warnings: None
  • Rating: 4.30/5 (Goodreads); 4.26/5 (The StoryGraph)
  • Get Book: Buy on Amazon
Letters To A Young Poet By Rainer Maria Rilke
Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke’s life-changing advice to an aspiring young writer is one of the most inspiring expressions of creativity. This book reached my hands in a time of need. Thanks to it, I feel secure in my skin.

Rilke gives profound insights and advice to those with creative souls and artistic minds, focusing on being sincere with oneself and getting the strength to follow one’s desired career.

It is a must-read book for those looking for inspiration and artistic guidance.

6. Klara and the Sun, by Kazuo Ishiguro (2021)

  • Genre: Dystopian, Literary, Science Fiction
  • Mood: Emotional, Reflective, Challenging
  • Pace: Slow
  • Trigger Warnings: Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness, Child Death
  • Rating: 3.77/5 (Goodreads); 3.76/5 (The StoryGraph)
  • Get Book: Buy on Amazon
Klara And The Sun By Kazuo Ishiguro
Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

Set in the U.S., in an unspecified future, ” the protagonist, Klara, is an Artificial Friend (AF), which means that she’s a special type of solar-powered robot that is sold to help assist with raising children. She begins her life in a store run by a woman she calls “Manager.”

From her perch in the store, Klara observes and learns from the interactions of those who visit the store and those who pass by from outside the store. She stays hopeful that a client will soon select her, but she is alerted not to believe too much in the promises of humans.

Ishiguro, a Nobel Prize winner, masterfully explores the themes of technology, AI, and what it truly means to be human.


His novel is rich in emotional depth and challenges readers to consider the nuances of human emotions in a world where the lines between humanity and technology blur and humans and machines mingle in everyday activities.

The book has been acclaimed in major publications like The New York Times and The Guardian, reflecting its profound impact. It is a must-read for technology and science fiction fans.

7. We, the Oppressors, by Dr Jack Davy (2022)

  • Genre: Nonfiction, Race
  • Mood: Informative, Reflective
  • Pace: Fast
  • Trigger Warnings: Violence, Racism, Police Brutality, Xenophobia, and Slavery
  • Rating: 3.94/5 (Goodreads); 4.25/5 (The StoryGraph)
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We, The Oppressors By Dr Jack Davy
We, the Oppressors by Dr Jack Davy

An insightful book about how societies are created to sustain the status of those in control at the expense of those who are marginalized, explaining the layers of the systematic oppression that makes up the world.

A compelling examination of societal structures, Davy’s book offers a critical and insightful look into the dynamics of power and control.

This enlightening book aims to open our minds to a grave issue and provides us with a deeper understanding of historical mistakes to prevent their recurrence.

Everyone should read Davy’s book at least once! Here, we will mostly witness political and cultural criticism.

8. Reasons to Stay Alive, by Matt Haig (2015)

  • Genre: Nonfiction, Psychology, Health, Self-Help
  • Mood: Hopeful, Inspiring, Reflecting
  • Pace: Medium
  • Trigger Warnings: Violence, Racism, Police Brutality, Xenophobia, and Slavery
  • Rating: 4.09/5 (GoodReads); 4.08/5 (The StoryGraph)
  • Get Book: Buy on Amazon
Reasons To Stay Alive By Matt Haig
Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

Matt’s honesty about his experiences is both inspiring and illuminating. From his present self to his former self in the depths of depression, Matt is adamant that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


It’s important to, as a reader, discover books that keep you captivated. I’m not a self-help book fan, but this book has touched my heart.

The book’s blend of personal narrative and universal truths about mental health is a poignant reminder of the power of empathy.

This book serves as a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with mental health challenges, contributing to the broader conversation around mental illness and challenging long-held stereotypes.

9. Vladimir, by Julia May Jonas (debut novel – 2022)

  • Genre: Contemporary, Literary Fiction
  • Mood: Dark, Reflective
  • Pace: Medium
  • Trigger Infidelity, Alcohol, Fire/Fire Injury
  • Rating: 3.44/5 (Goodreads); 3.54/5 (The StoryGraph)
  • Get Book: Buy on Amazon
Vladimir By Julia May Jonas
Vladimir by Julia May Jonas

A novel that delves into the complexities of desire and power dynamics, ‘Vladimir’ is a thought-provoking exploration of contemporary relationships and identity.

A cherished English professor navigates a tumultuous landscape as her husband, also a professor, faces allegations from former students.

A cherished English professor faces accusations against her husband (also a professor) by former students — a situation that becomes more complicated when she herself develops an obsession of her own…

Bewitching plot. Kept me on my toes throughout the entirety of it. It focuses on female desire, creativity and rage.

10. The Science of Storytelling, by Will Storr (2019)

  • Genre: Nonfiction, Psychology, Science
  • Mood: Informative
  • Pace: Medium
  • Trigger None
  • Rating: 4.07/5 (Goodreads); 3.97/5 (The StoryGraph)
  • Get Book: Buy on Amazon
The Science Of Storytelling By Will Storr
The Science of Storytelling by Will Storr

The exciting and groundbreaking guide to creative writing explores how our brains react to storytelling. The Science of Storytelling is bound to become a priceless resource for all authors.

As an aspiring writer, Storr’s book provided me a deeper understanding of storytelling to expand my craft and polish my skills. However, it goes beyond characters and settings. It underscores storytelling’s power to heal and connect us, revealing its deep emotional resonance.

Recognized by the British Neuroscience Association, it’s an essential read for aspiring fiction writers and those interested in the human psyche.


I reflect on the profound journey these books have taken me on. Each of these has been a remarkable read, offering diverse perspectives and unforgettable stories.

I’m excited to share these gems with you, hoping they’ll enrich your reading experience as much as they have mine. Which of these have you already read, or planning to read next?

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