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Rolls Royce Phantom: ‘The Six Elements’ rare collection unveiled


Rolls Royce Motor Cars Dubai and Abu Dhabi chapters announced their partnership with internationally acclaimed British artist Sacha Jafri to design ‘The Six Elements’ Collection—which consists of six Rolls Royce Phantom Series II cars with Bespoke hand-painted artwork.

The collection’s goal was to raise $1 million for charitable causes.

Rolls Royce introduced “The Six Elements” at the beginning of November, a unique collection of six one-off motorcars. The ultra-luxury brand just required a week to sell all of them, but the vehicles are only now being publicly unveiled. The luxo-barges were unveiled at a private gala ceremony in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, based on the slightly modified Phantom released earlier this year. All of them are based on the Extended model, which has a larger wheelbase for additional legroom.

Birth of the Idea

Rolls-Royce started the project in late 2020, and it took two years to finish. Collaborating with the company’s resident Bespoke designer in Dubai, Jafri finished it at the company’s Goodwood headquarters. Each vehicle has an etched base for each of the Spirt of Ecstasy statues as well as a Jafri’s heart pattern in the hand-painted coachline. César Habib, Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Middle East & Africa said, “An idea born from a phone call, seeing this collaboration come to life and break boundaries is nothing short of inspiring.”

The Six Elements of Rolls Royce Phantom

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Air are the five elements that served as inspiration for Rolls-Royce. The sixth one is titled Humanity in honor of Sacha Jafri’s The Journey of Humanity, which is now the largest canvas painting in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Who is Sacha Jafri?

Sacha Jafri is best known for making the world’s biggest painting on canvas, Journey of Humanity, over the course of seven months in Dubai during the COVID-19 pandemic. His work has been shown in some of the world’s most prestigious art institutions. The Dubai-based artist has been dubbed “The Pioneer of Magical Realism” and the genuine ethos of the twenty-first century, bringing painting with rawness back into the spotlight of the art industry. Sacha’s art is a sensory overload, reawakening the child within each of us. The British artist, Sacha Jafri, is widely considered one of the world’s most renowned living artists, having raised over $140 million for organizations worldwide through the sale of his artwork.

Jafri also commented on the collaboration, “Through my work, I aim to combine the power of art with a stripped-back essence of expression, love, empathy, and intention, to inspire a more conscious and intention-filled humanity, striving for a reconnected world; reunited by the common goal of a more hopeful and sustainable future for our planet,” 

He also said, “t has been an absolute honor working with the Rolls-Royce team, and their bespoke Designers from their Headquarters in Goodwood, to create such a unique project. A proud moment, to see my Heart-Logo along the coachline of each of the six cars in this stunning Rolls-Royce series; the first bespoke Artist-Created car series for Rolls-Royce, with Artist-Designed ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ uniquely featuring my depicted six elements around its base, however I am most fulfilled by the immediate sell-out of this Collection, the elite group of Owners and Philanthropists now dedicated to our cause, and the creation of ‘The Car that Keeps on Giving’, forever raising money and awareness for the four main charitable concerns of our world. ”

Rolls Royce Phantom

NFT Embedded in The Six Elements Phantom

Rolls-Royce also includes a one-off NFT (non-fungible token) with all six cars that the owners can sell. For every trade of the NFT, a royalty will be paid into a digital wallet that raises money for future philanthropic contributions as part of The Rolls-Royce That Keeps on Giving initiative. The NFT can be accessed by scanning a QR code, which is uniquely embedded within the glove compartment of each Phantom series II car enabling each of the six owners to view their NFT while sitting in the car.

Main Objective of the Project

The initiative to manufacture the cars was intended to gather funds for charity, and Rolls-Royce has already surpassed its $ 1 million goal, providing funding for organizations in the sectors of health, sustainability, and education. César Habib said he was delighted “to announce the tremendous success of ‘The Six Elements’: within just one week, all six Phantom motor cars have found exceptional homes in the Middle East. As a result of this success, we have overachieved our main objective of this project, which was to raise $1 million for charity.”

Rolls Royce Phantom

It’s All About Preservation and Protection

In 2017, the Phantom’s eighth generation made its debut. The desires of clientele, who pleaded with Rolls-Royce not to make any significant alterations to an already legendary motor car, served as the inspiration for this new version, the Phantom Series II. Only the lightest of design tweaks, embellishments, and alterations have been made in response to these client needs. Indeed, Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II motor cars are all about preservation and protection instead of change.

Rolls-Royce is a brand that takes personalization extremely seriously. With a variety of customized choices, the carmaker gives consumers the freedom and flexibility to design their ideal vehicle. Six unique Phantom Series II cars were used by the manufacturer to proudly display its customizing capabilities.

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