Avatar The Way of Water global box office collection surpasses $1 billion


After a 13-year-long break, James Cameron proved it’s never too late to make history, Avatar The Way of Water has crossed the 1 billion worldwide box office milestone in 14 days. Reportedly, the fastest movie to achieve such success.

The sequel to James Cameron’s 2009 film, Avatar, broke records in less than two weeks in theaters, breaking the previous record of 13 years, which was also the amount of time it took for technology to catch up with his vision. According to CBR, Avatar: The Way of Water recently broke the record for the fastest movie to make a billion dollars, which also means it is the fastest film from 2022 to cross 1 billion at the box office.

Avatar The Way Of Water 1

Despite the cold and the COVID reputation of today’s cinema, audiences rushed to the cinemas throughout the Christmas season. The movie surpassed the biggest hits of 2022 like Black Panther (800 million), The Batman (770 million), and Doctor Strange (955.7 million). The sequel joins Top Gun: Maverick (which took 31 days to reach that milestone globally).

Comparatively, the original Avatar movie generated 1 billion internationally in just 17 days before going on to become the highest-grossing movie of all time with 2.97 billion. Inflation-adjusted box office figures for the original movie put its 3.505 billion gross slightly behind Gone With the Wind’s 3.922 billion mark.

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James Cameron knows what he is doing. The success of the sequel at the box office gives us high hopes for the next films in the franchise. He is currently working on five films for the franchise, however, not all of them have names. 20th Century Studios is currently finishing part 3, which will be released in 2024. Part 4 will be released in 2 years, and the cast is already filming. Part 5, which will be released in 2028, is now in pre-production.

Earning (overseas/global)

James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel debuted in mid-December with 134 million in North America and 435 million globally, and it has continued to be a tremendous draw ever since. Currently, the Disney and 20th Century picture has made 1.025 billion worldwide after grossing 317.1 million in North America and 712.7 million overseas. It is now the second-highest-earning movie of the year and the third-highest during the pandemic era, beating “Jurassic World Dominion” which took over four months to cross the billion mark.

Avatar The Way Of Water

Top overseas totals to date include:

  • China ($111.8m)
  • France ($74.9m)
  • South Korea ($59.5m)
  • India ($42.4m)
  • UK ($41.3m)
  • Mexico ($31.2m)
  • Australia ($27.4m)
  • Italy ($25.6m)
  • Spain ($22.6m)
  • Brazil ($20.5m)
  • Indonesia ($13.6m)

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