The Flatshare Review: Post-it notes become new love language in rom-com series


Gather all your munchies, grab a mug of something warm, put on your coziest PJs, and get ready to binge-watch this lighthearted and breezy romantic-comedy series.

Synopsis of The Flatshare

Tiffany “Tiff” Moore (Jessica Brown Findlay, Downton Abbey) has recently left her narcissistic ex Justin (Bart Edwards) and is in need of a place to live, but she can’t pay rent on the meager salary she earns as a journalist for an online platform.

Meanwhile, night-shift hospice nurse Leon Twomey (Anthony Welsh) is in desperate need of money, especially because he is attempting to free his brother Richie (Shaq B. Grant, Gangs Of London) who is wrongfully imprisoned in a case of armed robbery.

So Tiffany and Leon thought of an apparently easy way out – sharing a one-bedroom apartment. Tiffany has the flat at night and on weekends, while Leon sleeps there during the day and spends weekends with his girlfriend Kay (Klariza Clayton). Because Tiff and Leon cannot see each other, the only way for them to communicate is via post-it notes.

They are unintentionally pulled into each other’s complicated and convoluted lives, and it’s evident that they both have feelings for each other. But is it possible to fall in love with a person (specifically your flatmate) you’ve never met?

Binge-worthy Series

Honestly, I devoured the whole thing in one night. Trust me, it was that good. Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh did complete justice to their roles. The chemistry between Tiffy and Leon was swoon-worthy.

The communication via post-it notes was certainly the selling point of the show, but I kept wondering why they weren’t messaging one another (as Tiffy was always texting/calling her best friends Maia and Mo). But then again, nothing can top the charm of sticky notes.


I absolutely loved the venting scene of Findlay and Welsh at the beach in Brighton. I felt that although they appeared to be opposites, the duo complemented each other more than they realized. While Leon’s employment was affecting his relationship, Tiffany’s breakup was giving her writer’s block.

The supporting cast is equally engaging and realistic as the central characters. Furthermore, they are developed just enough so that you have a feeling of who they are and what their role in the plot is, but not so much that they detract from the central plotline in any way.

The interactions between Tiffany and Leon’s brother, Richie. were quite entertaining as well. Tiffany believed Richie was innocent and he believed her too when she told him about Rachel’s successful attempt of churning out clickbait from Tiffany’s article.

Being a fan of rom-com, this scribe loved the scene where Leon ran to Tiffany with a bouquet and told her that she could not marry Justin. I believe a romantic comedy is incomplete without such confession scenes.

Questions popping in my Head

There are a few questions that popped into my head while watching The Flatshare:

How could Tiffany afford organic milk when she was sharing a bed with a stranger due to a cost-of-living crisis?

Is the housing situation really that bad in the UK?


Why Tiffany and Leon did not have a Paramount subscription (They shared passwords for Netflix and Amazon)?

Cast and Crew of The Flatshare

Tiffany: Jessica Brown Findlay

Leon: Anthony Welsh

Mo: Jonah Hauer-King

Maia: Shaniqua Okwok

Mr. Prior: David Hargreaves

Rachel: Gina Bramhill


Phil: Dustin Demri-Burns

Justin: Bart Edwards

Kay: Klariza Clayton

Series Directors: Peter Cattaneo, Chloe Wicks

Producer: Rhonda Smith

Writers: Rose Lewenstein, Ryan Calais Cameron, Sarah Simmonds, Alex Straker

Novel: Beth O’Leary


Where to Watch The Flatshare

You can stream The Flatshare on Paramount Plus.

Adaptation of Beth O’Leary’s Novel

Beth O’Leary, the author of Flatshare, has stated that her book, which has been adapted into a romantic comedy-drama by Paramount Plus UK, was inspired by a time in her own life. Because of their respective work schedules, she had limited interaction with her then-boyfriend (now husband), which gave rise to the idea for this odd arrangement.

She shared during an interview that her husband was “working as a junior doctor and worked a lot of night shifts.” “We lived together, but most of the time it seemed as though we were passing one other like ships in the night. For example, when I was returning home from the station, I would occasionally see him driving to the hospital.”

Criticism by the Fans of the Book

Since the release of the book in 2019, The Flatshare has been riveted to the hands of rom-com lovers. Few of the fans were dissatisfied with the TV adaptation of the book.

Positive Response by the Viewers

The Flatshare has definitely gained the hype. Most people are not only loving it but also recommend it to others.


Everyone is talking about Tiffany’s quirky sense of style and how amazingly Findlay pulled off all the looks.

The Flatshare deserves every single positive review it has gotten. The story is intriguing and heartwarming, with sequences that will make you laugh out loud and cheer for the amazing characters. If a slow-burn romance is your thing, you should definitely watch The Flatshare after reading this review.

The Flatshare Reviews

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Average Score

A very modern and charming rom-com series.

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