Jennifer Lopez to launch new album “This is Me…Now” after 20 years


On the 20th anniversary of her third studio album, ‘This is Me…Then’, Jennifer Lopez announced her new album titled ‘This is me…Now’. The new project marks the singer’s ninth studio album, and a return to songwriting and producing. It will include ‘Dear Ben Pt. II’

This Is Me…Now will chronicle Lopez’s “emotional, spiritual, and psychological journey” over the previous 20 years. The album will document her musical experience. With a selection of songs about her life and experiences, it is marketed as being an emotionally raw and honest project. She will release other extremely intimate projects in 2023 based on the autobiographical experiences that were inspired by the record.

In a video posted on her verified social media, Lopez is shown morphing from the artist she was then to who she is today.

Jenny from the Block teases the release of This Is Me in the trailer… Now, J.Lo says: “We captured me at this moment in time. If you have, like me at times, lost hope, almost given up, don’t. And that’s real. And I want to put that message out to the world.”

Lopez talked about this new album in her recent Vogue cover story describing it as a “culmination of who I am as a person and an artist.” She added: “People think they know things about what happened to me along the way, the men I was with — but they really have no idea, and a lot of times they get it so wrong. There’s a part of me that was hiding a side of myself from everyone. And I feel like I’m at a place in my life, finally, where I have something to say about it.”

Jennifer Lopez
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The original album, “This Is Me…Then,” was released on November 25, 2002, had songs including “The One” and “All I Have,” starring LL Cool J, reached their highest position on the Billboard 200 chart at No. 2. (dated Dec. 14, 2002). This Is Me… Now will be J.Lo’s first album in eight years, following A.K.A. in 2014, after the release of a few singles and the soundtrack for her movie Marry Me over the last almost decade.

This Is Me...then

The compositions on the 2023 album are characterized as “plaintive, candid songs, reflections on the struggles of her past, cheerful jams praising love and sex.” The album’s precise release date has not yet been disclosed.

“This album is a philosophy, a reflection, a zeitgeist moment. It’s about hope, faith, and true love never dying,” according to a press release said.

This Is Me… Now Tracklist:

  1. This Is Me…Now 
  2. To Be Yours 
  3. Mad in Love 
  4. Can’t Get Enough 
  5. Rebound
  6. not. going. anywhere. 
  7. Dear Ben pt. ll
  8. Hummingbird 
  9. Hearts and Flowers 
  10. Broken Like Me 
  11. This Time Around 
  12. Midnight Trip to Vegas
  13. Greatest Love Story Never Told

“Featuring confessional songs, reflections on the trials of her past, upbeat celebrations of love with her signature powerhouse vocals, This Is Me…Now shines a spotlight on her tough childhood, unsuccessful relationships, and the incredible emotional journey she has been on,” according to Rolling Stone, citing a press release.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck

A song titled “Dear Ben pt. II” is most likely a continuation of her Ben Affleck song “Dear Ben” from 2002. Jennifer dated Ben Affleck in 2002. “Bennifer” was engaged in 2003, but split in 2004 due to “excessive media attention.” In April 2022, the couple announced their engagement. They were wed in July in Las Vegas and then had a wedding ceremony in October.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Wedding

J.Lo shared; “It’s crazy to see myself talking about showing my kids this album 20 years from then, and here we are!!!! So much has changed…I have changed…but some things have stayed the same,”

She included a throwback caption for the Instagram video, which has since been removed. “Life is a poetically beautiful and sometimes broken road… #20yearsofTHISISMETHEN”.

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