New K-drama Netflix series to watch in December: Alchemy of Souls 2, Connect & The Glory


If you have not yet started binge-watching any series, it is the perfect time to get a warm coffee and a cozy blanket and delve into the new K-drama series arriving on Netflix in Dec 2022 with the following list of great recommendations.

As the year is ending, the new K-drama series arriving on Netflix in December 2022 is ready to make your winters thrilling. From action-packed sequences and heart-wrenching stories, these dramas will put the public viewership on edge around the month.

Let’s get started!

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Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow | 10th Dec on Netflix

Season: 2 Release date: Dec 10, 2022 – Saturday

Genre: Romance, Drama, Historical Fantasy

Total Episodes: 10 with new episodes every Saturday, Sunday


Plot Synopsis:

The star-studded cast of Alchemy of Souls has returned to answer all the fans eagerly waiting for season 2 of this top-rated historical fantasy Korean show. The stunning visuals and enthralling storyline combined with action and heartbreak cliffhanger in season 1 (aired from June 18 to August 28, 2022) had left the fans on edge. And now the upcoming episodes in this new K-drama series arriving on Netflix in December 2022 seem promising to unveil all the complexities and tie all the loose ends of the plot.

Penned by the famous duo of screenwriters Hong Jung-Eun and Hong Mi-ran (Hong Sisters), this story sets in the fictional Kingdom of Daeho in South Korea.

New K-Drama Series Arriving On Netflix In December 2022

Jang Uk (played by Lee Jae-Wook), the protagonist and most powerful mage of the Kingdom, returns from his near-death after 3 years as the hunter of soul-shifters. Naksu (Go Yoon Jung) is an elite warrior, an assassin, and a sorceress who knows how to switch souls. Mu-deok (Jung So-min)’s body was the vessel for Naksu’s soul. This season will unfold a new chain of events.

Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow based on?

The storyline of both seasons of the fantasy action-romance Korean drama series Alchemy of Souls is based on the Joseon Era in South Korea.

The official teaser of this new K-drama series arriving on Netflix in December 2022, opens with the fire blazing and Jang Uk brutally killing, saying, “I should have died then.” The intense dramatic music in the background gives the audience goosebumps. The blood-drenched swords and fighting snippets scenes are a real treat for action lovers.


The breathtaking CGI work is visually gripping, getting us deeply curious about the aftermath of the events that occurred in the previous season.

Recipe For Farewell | 1st Dec on Netflix

Also Known As: It May Be A Little Spicy Today

Season 1 Release date: Dec 1, 2022 – Thursday

Genre: Life, Drama, Food with total of 12 episodes

New Episodes Every: Thursday

Plot Synopsis:

In this new K-drama series arriving on Netflix in December 2022, Chang-Wook (played by the senior actor Han Suk-kyu), the protagonist and a loving husband of Da-Jung (Kim Seo Hyung), works as a humanities teacher and translator. The plot revolves around a heartwarming story of a man who can only cook ramen but learn to make different dishes for his wife.  

His wife, Da-Jung, is terminally ill, having bowel cancer. But as his husband prepared food for her, she started eating a bit. It is really a marriage test for them, and the whole series depicts their struggles.

New K-Drama Series Arriving On Netflix In December 2022

This new K-drama series arriving on Netflix in December 2022 has a simple, caring household vibe that will leave the audience teary, judging from the teasers and story of a married couple.

It is produced by Ace Maker Movie Works – the producer of the globally famous drama ‘Nevertheless.’ 

The trailer has a sad, romantic and lovely vibe. It opens with the simple visuals of Chang-Wook working in the kitchen with soothing music at the back.

“Good food is made with care and love” really sums up the plot. Halfway through the trailer, it seems warm, humble, and pleasant. But the emotional twist arises when Da-Jung says, “I don’t have much time left.” with her breaking voice, possibly referring to her illness.

The Glory | 30th Dec on Netflix

Season 1 Release date: Dec 30, 2022 – Friday

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Melodrama

Plot Synopsis:

Song Hye Kyo has returned with a revenge-based Netflix series after the massive hit “Descendants of the Sun.

Not only that, this new K-drama series arriving on Netflix in December 2022 has other big names working on-screen and off-screen. Penned down by the screenwriter of internationally famous South Korean series The King: Eternal Monarch, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (popularly known as Goblin), and Mr. Sunshine named ‘Kim Eun-sook‘ and directed by Ahn Gil-ho known for his fantastic hits like Happiness, Memories of the Alhambra, Rooftop Prince and Record of Youth. 

The plot revolves around the tangled tale of Moon Dong Eun seeking revenge against her bullies and people around her who never raised a voice for her. A girl with the broken dream of being an architect and bottled-up rage steps into adulthood and plans an intricate revenge scheme against her torturer.

New K-Drama Series Arriving On Netflix In December 2022

Along with her, features Lee Do Hyun (previously starred in Sweet Home and 18 Again) plays the lead and mysterious character of Joo Yeo Jung with a secret past. This shady personality perfectly compliments the female lead and keeps the viewers glued to know what happens next.

Due to its star-studded cast and promising names working behind the scenes of this revenge saga, it is highly anticipated by the fans and got a buzz in the town.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area | 9th Dec on Netflix

Season:2 Release date: Dec 9, 2022 – Friday

Genre: Heist, Crime Drama, Thriller

Remake Of: The internationally hit original Spanish series La Casa De Papel translated as The House of Paper popularly known as Money Heist

Plot Synopsis:

The Korean remake of the internationally hit Money Heist is ready to make the fans stick to the screens again in December 2022 on Netflix.

The story revolves around the mastermind character of Professor (Played by Yoo Ji Tae – previously seen in Healer) as he recruits and unites a bunch of misfits possessing different skills. And he plans to invade Korea’s Joint Economic Area (a mint in now unified Korea) to steal 4 trillion won. But like any teamwork or project, many things do not go as planned. Each member has to sacrifice something, face the risks and go through different dilemmas and struggles to gain something.

Like the original, this new season of its Korean remake is packed with action, politics, drama, fighting sequences, chases, and suspense. Possessing somewhat of the same storyline but having new twists and turns makes it captivating even for the ones who have already seen the original one.

It will be available soon for the worldwide audience this year in the month of December.

The almost 2-minute trailer opens with the intense expressions of the Professor.

“One of them is the traitor. But if we start to suspect each other because of that one traitor there will be chaos.” referring to the possible drama and heartbreaks in the series. It has the same fast-paced, action-filled vibe that seems promising to hook audiences until the series finale.

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