8 of the Top Dating Trends to Watch Out for in 2023


Love and romance will never be out of fashion and what better time than now to start looking for love?

With the restrictions of the pandemic being well and truly behind us, and with Gen Z continuing to redefine wellness, the 2023 dating scene looks like it’s going to be a fun one.

According to a Bumble study, around 70% of over 4,000 dating app users claimed they felt “positive about the romance that lies ahead in 2023.”

Each year, dating experts predict the dating trends that will commence and for 2023, it appears that daters are focusing more on what they do and don’t want from their partners and looking toward how their relationships can better their wellness.

According to Plenty of Fish’s dating expert, Kate Maclean, from 2020 and 2022, “singles shifted their approach to dating, largely due to factors tied to the pandemic.”

“As we begin to put the pandemic behind us, we’re seeing how singles are redefining dating in order to make more real, authentic connections,” she continues.

“And with skyrocketing self-confidence among singles, dating in 2023 will be all about “main character energy as people become more certain about deal-breakers and their self-worth.” Thus, there’s no excuse not to try and find love this year.


So, what are these 2023 dating trends I keep banging on about? Have no fear singletons, we’ve got your back with a list of all the dating trends to watch out for this year. You can thank us later.

1. Open Casting

Gone are the days of exclusively dating people who match our “physical types”. For years daters have added Love Island UK’s favourite phrase “my type on paper” to the list of attributes they look for in a romantic partner. The phrase refers to a person who completely matches their partner’s physical preferences such as the classic “tall, dark, and handsome” preference.

However, the commitment to physical types began to die last year when Kim Kardashian started dating comedian, Pete Davidson, who looks nothing like her exes.

Per Bumble experts, daters are following in Kim’s stead, stating that 38 percent of people are dating beyond their usual type, and 28 percent are open to dating more people who aren’t whom others expect them to date. This trend is called open casting. Daters are looking for something deeper than mere physical attraction.

2. Ethical Sex-ploration

This year, Bumble has found that users are breaking traditions and approaching sex in a more exploratory way by focusing on sex positivity. This means that daters are communicating their sexual desires to their partners and being more open during sex.

53 percent of Bumble’s respondents claimed that it’s essential to express your needs early on in a relationship and 20 percent claimed they’ve explored their sexuality while 14 percent (one in eight) said they’re open to exploring non-monogamy.

According to Bumble’s sex and relationship expert,  Shan Boodram, it’s likely that this trend will peak in 2023 as society begins to adjust to sex positivity and welcomes having open conversations around sex and relationships.


3. Mirror Dating or Cost of Loving

The cost of living crisis is affecting us all in various ways. But it shouldn’t stop us from finding the one, right? Que mirror dating, is one of the top dating trends of 2023. Mirror dating or cost of loving is when daters choose to go on cost-friendly dates.

Relationship expert and founder of the Wingman dating app, Tina Wilson, explains that “online daters will pivot to double dates, or group dates, and there are two big benefits to note with this mirror dating approach. It is exciting to mix things up and have fun by going on double dates because it takes the pressure off any awkward moments alone together.”

“You can also assess your date in a social and group setting as well as gain that all-important feedback from your friends – the ultimate compatibility tester.”

According to Bumble, some of the users they surveyed are opting for cheap dates; 28 percent said that they’re beginning to be honest about their financial boundaries when dating and 57 percent explained that they prefer low-key, cost-friendly dates to expensive fancy dates anyway.

4. Love-Life Balance

There’s been a lot of talk circulating Gen Zers and Millennials advocating for 4-day working weeks and it appears that this wellness tactic is appearing in relationships too as 49 percent of Bumble users want their partners to prioritise a work/life balance as much as they do.

52 percent of singletons across the world have said that they’ve been seeking to create more space in their lives “for breaks and rest” for the past year. 13 percent of people are challenging the stereotypes of seeking a partner with a successful career and will no longer date someone with a very demanding job to avoid being low on their priority list.

5. Guardrailing

It is always important to set boundaries in any kind of relationship, whether it be romantic, platonic, or even work-related, to name a few.


Today a whopping 63 percent of daters say they’re starting to be clearer about their emotional needs and boundaries in new relationships while  59 percent are being “more thoughtful and intentional” about how they approach dating, and 53 percent are aiming to not overcommit to socialising.

6. Wanderlove

Thanks to the pandemic creating space for remote and flexible working plans and the rise of digital nomads, 2023 is the year for singletons to look for love outside of their current city. 33 percent of Bumble users are now open to dating people from different cities and 14 percent are even looking to expand their dating horizons by dating people from across the world.

7. Debunking Masculine Stereotypes When Dating

Discussions about men being open about their mental health have circulated a lot in recent years. And now, many men themselves are reflecting on gender norms and expectations, and are being encouraged to be more open when dating. In fact, 74 percent of men say they’ve “examined their behaviour more than ever in the past year and have a clearer understanding of toxic masculinity and what isn’t acceptable.”

52 percent of Bumble users are now challenging stereotypes that men should not show their emotions due to a fear of appearing “weak”  and 38 % are now open about their emotions with their male friends, while half of men see the benefits of debunking gender roles in their relationships.

Moreover, on dating app, Hinge, 93 percent of users seek emotional vulnerability in a partner, and 61 percent rate emotional responsibility over attributes like attractiveness and income.

8. Green Dating

Gen Z are all about the environment, not only in their personal goals but in their relationships too.

Tina Wilson says, “sustainability consciousness dating will grow, especially within the Gen Z generation. A “red flag” in a relationship will be if your date does not show concern for the environment.”


“This will become apparent through their consumer habits which will be evaluated and appraised by the eco-conscious dater. Expect to be dumped fast if you are a jet-setter or drive a gas-guzzling car,” she continues.

“Dating profiles with fast flashy cars and private jets may be soon a thing of the past, and frowned upon, as our energy-conscious singles are no longer impressed with such items”

‘In a recent survey, 72 percent of Wingman users under 30 said they would turn a date down if a potential partner was a climate sceptic. Men are more likely to make a green dating faux pas, especially in earlier relationship scenarios as they try and impress their date but unbeknownst to them, it will backfire.”

So if you’re looking to impress your dates with flashy cars, fancy restaurants, and demanding jobs, don’t, climate enthusiasts and low-key dates are a lot hotter right now. The 2023 dating scene is all about defining what you want from a romantic partner and building healthy relationships, so have some fun and see where this year takes you.

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