Free Bread For All: Smart machines in Dubai to provide free bread for needy


UAE launched free Bread for all initiative via smart machines placed across multiple Aswaaq supermarket stores in Dubai. Fresh bread can be ordered at the touch of a button for free. This initiative is to help underprivileged families and workers by providing them with free-of-cost bread around the clock.

The new smart machine dispensers have been placed at several outlets across Dubai, including Al Mizhar, Al Warqa’a, Mirdif, Nad Alsheba, Nadd Al Hamar, Al Qouz, and Al Bada’a. These machines are pre-programmed to provide freshly prepared bread to those in need.

This project is the result of the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized that “in the UAE, no one sleeps hungry or in need”. The machine runs on the principle of “short-term community funding”. Contributors can donate to this initiative directly through the smart bread dispensers.

The ‘Bread For All’ initiative was launched by Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy (MBRGCEC), under the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF).

Bread For All Dubai Uae Aswaaq
Smart ‘Bread for All’ Machine Placed At Supermarket In Dubai, UAE

This initiative is aimed at providing free bread for the needy at various locations around the clock.

Free Bread for all smart machine dispensers

As per the bread for all project details, the pre-programmed machines prepare bread and provide it free of charge. The initiative is part of a modern and sustainable model of charity work. 

The ruler of Dubai gave the vision that laborers, workers, or any other needy person should not sleep hungry. Community members and philanthropists are also urged to contribute to the first-ever initiative of its kind.

Bread For All Dubai Uae Aswaaq

The machines are user-friendly and work on the principle of short-term community funding. Machines will be placed at multiple locations across the city.


‘Bread for all’ initiative is a collaboration with Aswaaq supermarkets to install vending machines at the supermarket’s Al Mizhar, Al Warqa’a, Mirdif, Nad Al Sheba, Nadd Al Hamar, Al Qouz, and Al Bada’a branches.

Free Bread for all Locations in Dubai (Aswaaq Mall)

Below You can find all the locations for Free Bread for all machines placed in multiple Aswaaq Malls in Dubai:

  1. Warqa: Mall Al Warqaa 2 – Algeria St
  2. Nad Al Sheba: Mall Nad Al Sheba
  3. Umm Suqeim: Mall Umm Suqiem 3
  4. Barsha: Mall, Al Barsha South First
  5. Barsha Mart: Mall, Al Barsha South
  6. Mizhar: Mall Al Khortum St. Mizhar
  7. Nad Al Hammar: Mall, Nad Al Hamar
  8. Mirdiff: Mall, Mirdiff, Street 71
  9. Al Quoz: Mall, Al Quoz 2, Near Meydan
  10. Badaa: Mall – Al Wasl Rd
Bread For All Vending Machine Dubai Location
Bread For All Vending Machine Locations in Dubai. Image Credit:

Fresh bread is available around the clock from these smart machines

The easy-to-use smart Bread for All machines gives people options to choose between Arabic bread and finger rolls. On selecting ‘Order Free Bread’, the machine begins preparing fresh hot bread that is dispensed in around 1 minute in a cardboard Box.

According to Ali Al Mutawa, secretary general of AMAF: “This initiative is an exemplary model for an innovative community endowment that allows everyone to participate, creating a comprehensive charity movement and enhancing the spirit of solidarity among various social segments. We look forward to expanding the scope of cooperation with the initiative’s partners in the local community to reach the most beneficiaries.”

Bread for All creates a social safety net where everyone collaborates to extend a helping hand to needy families, individuals, and workers.

UAE businessman donates 10 ‘Bread for All’ machines

Emirati Businessman Al Habtoor has gifted 10 pre-programmed machines that will be set up across multiple locations in Dubai.

Donation Options for the initiative

Donors can donate directly to underprivileged families and laborers through these smart machines using credit or debit cards.

You can also donate through the Dubai Now app, or by texting any of the following numbers for a certain amount:

  • 3656 for Dh10
  • 3658 for Dh50
  • 3659 for Dh100
  • 3679 for Dh500

You can also go to MBRGCEC’s website to specify how much you want to donate.

Donors who wish to have a continued impact and contribute to the initiative itself can donate in setting up the machines themselves. The initiative’s organizers can be reached via email at or phone at +97147183222 for more information on that option.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Awqaf and Endowment

Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Awqaf and Endowment is a dedicated Waqf by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Centre is a consulting Awqaf foundation tasked with encouraging and enabling Awqaf and Endowment establishments to fulfill the social needs of people and serve humanity. The Centre offers its services to individuals and local, regional, and international foundations free of charge in order to achieve the vision for Awqaf and endowments.


As per statistics, the poverty rate in the UAE is 19.5 percent according to the definition of the poverty line in the UAE with an income of 80 dirhams ($22) a day.

The initiative aims to provide fresh bread around the clock through smart dispensers that prepare it and provide it free of charge to those in need within a modern and sustainable model of charitable work. The machines will also be able to collect donations from people who would like to support this initiative.

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