Aima Baig sings final goodbye to Shahbaz Shigri after 18 months of engagement


The singer told her fans about her splitting with Shigri in a now-deleted Insta post.

The young diva said: “Yes, I will always respect this person for giving me a good time. Sometimes, shit happens and happens for a reason.”

“And to answer all your questions, yes we have parted ways. But we both are doing good and fine so don’t worry. I wanted to do it in the most respectful way and so I did. People can choose their ways of expressing their feelings, which defines who they are from the inside.”

“That’s me, telling the truth to anyone wondering are or are not together. And the answer is Nope, I and Shahbaz are not together anymore. P.S no more “feeling sorry texts” please! We are doing just fine. Music is life, let’s see where it takes us”, she added.


Trust Issues between Aima and Shahbaz surfaced in July

In July this year, both celebrities deleted each other’s pictures and also unfollowed each other on the short-video streaming platform Instagram.

The happily engaged ‘near-to-be couple’ spent together massive family gatherings and enough time together to understand each other but both were unsatisfied with the state of the relationship they had during the course of 18 months.

Although the singer and actor made memories during vacations together there was something missing between them and that was chemistry.


In July also, rumors hit the headlines that both parted ways but both did not say a word about their relationship status.

Aima Baig Songs

Coke Studio sensation recently performed a concert in the United Kingdom. She gave multiple performances and thrilled the audience with her old and new songs. The 27-year-old singer made headlines in the music industry with the hit songs from the Coke Studio platform ‘Baazi’. Baig then also sang Dhola and Malang songs for the Coke Studio, as well as her new

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Singer Aima Baig — who recently announced her breakup with fiancé Shahbaz Shigri — has been in the limelight due to her leaked chat screenshots and videos on social networking platforms but she decided to respond to netizen trolling once and for all.

Top 5 Allegations on Aima and Rebuttal

British Model Taloulah Mair leaked a few videos, voice notes, and screenshots of the Pakistani singer as part of so-called propaganda on Twitter claiming that the Coke Studio sensation cheated on Shehbaz Shigri with her ex-boyfriend Qes Ahmed. Singer Aima Baig did not budge from the naked allegation of cheating by Shahbaz Shigri, Taloulah Mair, and Qes Ahmed. Coke Studio singer hits back with long Insta status to clear the air

1- No Ugly Situation after breakups

The 27-year-old singer Aima Baig took a position at the start of her what was a long-written Instagram story that she did want to make things ugly due to her upbringing.

2- Aima Baig Engagement

Baig claimed everything will be exposed in a day or two about her engagement which ended up abruptly.

3- Keep Wasting Your Times Bullies

She advised all netizens whom she refers to as bullies to keep wasting their time making memes.

Aima Baig

3- Aima’s Views about Shahbaz Shigri

Aima said that she will always respect him for giving her a good time. “Things go wrong sometimes and there is a reason behind it. I wanted to end it in the most respectful way and I did. No matter what, People can choose their ways of expressing their feelings, which define who they actually are.”

4- No Sympathies over alleged relations with Qes Ahmed

Pakistani singer, Aima Baig’s Instagram statement reads: “PS: No more ‘feeling sorry texts’ please! We are doing just fine.”

“I am over it and not sorry…as we both are doing just fine. Happy faces in the beautiful pictures they put out for the world are really not the truth,” writes Baig to clear the air on her engagement and breakup with Shahbaz Shigri and her alleged secret relationship with Qes Ahmed.

British Model claimed that Baig broke up with Shigri as she was involved in Qes Ahmed.

Aima Baig

3- On Consult a Dr. Advice

Aima Baig said that some netizens advised her to go for a good doctor: “I need to send it to someone who badly needs it. Saath thoray say paisay bhi otherwise apkay sath bhi wohi hoga jo meray sath hua if you know you know…Even when these patients are doing the same, oh no way! Not the same. But way worse things than you… they start to live in their own reality. Just like some movie or sh*t. Because aap log aisay logo ki help karnay k bajaye unko aur hype detay hain [because you people hype them up instead of helping people like this]. Which leads to some serious damage for their own health.”

The Pakistani singer wrote the last lines without naming Shahbaz Shigri.

Aima Baig Bio

Baig got the PISA award for Singer of the Year 2021. She got famed for Coke Studio hits song Baazi.

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