Atheist girl Polina accepts Islam. Left Russia. Marries her lover from Gujranwala, Pakistan


In the last few years, many foreign women came to Pakistan in quest of love and tied the knot with the love of their life. Many such love stories begin on social media and end up with one partner traveling miles of distance to meet their lover. Recently, a Russian girl named Polina, also fell in love with a Pakistani boy, left her country, and reached Pakistan to marry him.

Muhammad Ali Yusufi of Gujranwala and Polina of Russia met on social media where they both started a conversation and fell in love. According to Yusufi, his friendship with Polina became so deep that both fell in love and wanted to marry each other despite differences in culture and lifestyle. Polina was an atheist and later she accepted Islam. She left Russia and reached Gujranwala to marry Ali.

Speaking about their unique love story, Mohammed Ali said, “We connected through a social media app where we used to talk in a community. When I met her, she loved my way of respecting women and decided to marry me.”

Polina Marries Ali
Polina Marries Ali
Polina Marries Ali
Polina Marries Ali

In an interview, she said that she learned how to make roti and paratha. She added she loved the northern areas of Pakistan due to their natural scenic beauty and loves her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law of the Russian girl also praised her. Here is an interesting video of their unique love story.

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