Sarmad Khoosat shares ‘Kamli ki Kahani’ with PU Film dept students


LAHORE: Department of film and broadcasting, University of Punjab hosted an interactive session with the team members of Movie Kamli, and director Sarmad Khoosat shared ‘Kamli ki Kahani’ with PU Film dept students that put a splendid effect on the public and received high appreciation from the audience.

Director of film Sarmad Khoosat, Main lead Actor Hamza Khawaja, Writer Fatima Sattar, DOP Awais Gohar, Chairperson dep Dr. Lubna Zaheer, Dean of media studies prof. Khalid Mehmood welcomed the team of Kamli and raised some valid and technical questions related to the learning and grooming of students.

Sarmad Khoosat

Other Faculty members of dep Dr. Waqar Malik, Dr. Sobia, Ms Faryal, PU Radio Coordinator Dr. Akram Soomro, Masood Mallhi, Irshad chaudhry, members of Film and broadcast media Society and students joined this session. Writer of the film Fatima Sattar shared that this movie represent the restrained desires of females in our society.

It truly depicts what kind of typical mindset of our society ladies face in their lives.

Director of film Sarmad Khoosat shared his views that happiness is not only laughing or taking entertainment breaks but it is also in to feel the pain of others.

A man can portray the hardships and miseries faced by women and a woman can also portray the difficulties of men that they face in their lives. He said that before gender division we are human beings so think like humans and put your feet in others’ shoes.


Lead Actor of the film Hamza Khawaja shared his experience that it was a great pleasure to start his debut with such a splendid team and strong storyline.

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