Punjab Higher Education Minister to new VCs: Bring quality research culture


Newly appointed Vice Chancellors of public sector universities met Punjab Higher Education Minister Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz at committee room HED Lahore.

 Raja Yassir Humayoun welcomed newly appointed VCs.

Prof. Dr. Qaisar Abbas, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sargodha, Dr. Muhammad Kamran, Vice Chancellor of MNS UET, Dr. Muhammad Ramzan, Vice Chancellor of Emerson University Multan, and Dr. Javaid Akhtar, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sahiwal.

He said that education is the priority of the government and we have appointed VCs and principals of different universities and colleges purely on merit.

Now it is the duty of VCs to promoting merit in their day to financial and administrative matters.

The minister emphasized the importance of working with zeal and commitment to improving the standard of education by ensuring merit and transparency.

He said that we should promote quality education by introducing a research culture in our education institutions.

Raja Yassir Humayoun directed the Secretary of Higher education to take immediate steps to resolve the lingering issues of public sector universities at the earliest.


University of Sahiwal

Punjab Higher Education Minister

Emerson University Multan

Punjab Higher Education Minister

University of Sargodha

Punjab Higher Education Minister

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif UET

Punjab Higher Education Minister

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