KFC opens first-ever pub in London for Qatar World Cup


KFC opens its first-ever pub in the UK, ‘The Colonel’s Arms‘ on Nov 25th, serving pints and fried chicken. The only catch is that it is only open for a week!

KFC Pub in London for Fifa World Cup

Striking upon the fortunes that the Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar entails, KFC has opened a pub in Hammersmith on Fulham Palace road for fans to enjoy watching the games while tucking into buckets of its renowned fried chicken. KFC opens first-ever pub in London for Qatar World Cup. The fast-food chain has temporarily transformed The Old Suffolk Punch to suit its purposes and is open from November 25, 2022, to December 1, 2022. This new pub is equipped with rather large screens, the perfect accessory for watching football games.

The Colonel’s Arms is aptly named after KFC’s founder, Colonel Sanders. The food giant’s tagline “Chicken’s coming home” adequately reflects It’s Coming Home, the anthem of England’s national team. The pub offers fans an “unmatched football viewing experience” where KFC delivery invites fans to munch on finger-lickin’ chicken delivered straight to their table. 

Here is what the chicken chain had to say:

an unmatched football viewing experience, away from the winter frost and beer garden benches as the Colonel brings his Southern fried charm to this British classic

Tickets and Main Features

Entry to the pub requires tickets to be purchased from Eventbrite, which comes with a complimentary KFC delivery and a free drink. Currently, all tickets have been sold out, however, the event page is reassuring that most games will have available spots for walk-ins, which will run on a first come first serve basis. The pub does not deal with cash, requires ID upon entrance, and is only open for one week soon to close on December 1, 2022.

Kfc Opens First-Ever Pub For The World Cup 2022: Only Open For A Week!

Some of the main features that this pub includes are,

  • beer
  • KFC Delivery bell
  • free gravy
  • foosball table
  • huge screens

Former Footballer, Jimmy Bullard is the pub’s Landlord

Jimmy Bullard, the former English professional footballer has been revealed to be the pub’s landlord.

Kfc Opens First-Ever Pub For The World Cup 2022: Only Open For A Week!

Here is what Bullard had to say prior to the Pubs opening:

The three things I love – football, fried chicken and the pub. The Colonel’s Arms first pub is officially open- come down with your mates to enjoy a pint, delicious chicken delivered to your table

Jimmy Bullard, Instagram

KFC Pub Merchandise

In celebration of the launch of its very first pub, KFC has also initiated the Colonel’s Arms Bar Kit which includes:

  • 1 x limited-edition pint glass
  • 2 x drink coasters
  • 1 x bottle opener
  • 1 x bar mat
Kfc Opens First-Ever Pub For The World Cup 2022: Only Open For A Week!

The kit is said to be available nationwide on the online KFC Merch Store.

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