First Real Madrid theme park set to launch in Dubai in 2023


A Real Madrid theme park sounds fancy, isn’t it? But, exciting at the same time. Real Madrid Theme Park is about to set its grounds in Dubai during the final quarter of 2023.

Dubai Parks and Resorts and Real Madrid c.f. has endorsed a deluxe multi-year agreement to establish the biggest first-gen theme park in the UAE including a range of Real Madrid-themed things.

Both parties are highly looking forward to engaging sports fans and people of every culture, especially the active youth community across the globe.

Well, it will not just attract the greatest football and sports fan from every corner of the planet but will also picture Dubai as a benchmark for supporting an active youth community.

Pleasingly, this would be the first theme park destination in the world, as no one has ever declared this leading partnership with Real Madrid before.

Real Madrid Theme Park

Being a megastar of world football, this remarkable team has undeniably left its fans in absolute joy with this decision and everyone is looking forward to having the ultimate experience of this largest theme park destination, immersing themselves in the culture of unique attractions inspired by the successful history of this football club.

Real Madrid doesn’t need an introduction at all; being named FIFA’s Best Club of the 20th century, this incredible and recognized sports team is quite famous amongst football fanatics for its unmatched track record and is loved by almost everyone.

While, on the other hand, Dubai is relatively popular for its fabulous attractions and amazing city life. Its thriving entertainment and leisure offer people to relish this place to the fullest; admired by everyone around the world, it never fails to gratify its tourists every year. And, that’s what portrays Dubai as a leading tourist destination forthwith.


Well, the exhilaration and joy definitely multiply tenfold when the two remarkable entities join hands together to establish something even more thrilling and sensational for the entire nation.

Real Madrid Theme Park Features

This massive project and new experience aim at engaging people of all ages, especially football enthusiasts, families, and children, inundating them with the entire antiquity of Real Madrid and football skill games.

Guests at this playable park would be suffused with immense enjoyment and pleasure by having an opportunity to indulge in interactive experiences, audio-visible arrays, gaming interplays, and lovely enticements— all incited by the heart and devotion of the Real Madrid team, which make it a champion!

The theme park is yet to set its grounds in the Middle East I.e. in Q4, 2023, but the preparations are being held with huge excitement. This includes a number of exhilarating things like park designs, food stalls, restaurants, rides, etc.

Real Madrid Theme Park

Well, that’s not about it; there are even more wonderful attractions to explore meticulously such as a museum and some extraordinary retail picks featuring memorabilia from the history of this outstanding football team.

Fernando Eiroa, the CEO of Dubai Holding Entertainment, said: “We are delighted that Real Madrid has chosen Dubai Parks and Resorts as its partner in our quest as we continue bringing the best international entertainment brands to the region. Real Madrid is a megastar with an exceptional record of success and millions of passionate fans in all corners of the world.”

UAE and Football

Although people already consider Dubai a leading tourist city, its major partnership with Real Madrid for one of the world’s first Real Madrid theme park destinations will leave the entire football community across the UAE in absolute awe.


And, that is why UAE is extremely thrilled to add this ambitious project to the pipeline. Not only UAE, but this enormous project will certainly incline football enthusiasts from every nook of the world.

As this theme park is still not set to open to the public yet, there are a lot more details to be discovered in the coming days. Here, we will be announcing further important news including more information regarding the roller coasters, special exhibitions, unique events, and some stirring stuff!

So, hang on and stay tuned to this page or join our free newsletter to find out more about this multi-year partnership project— that is to see the first-ever park destination in Dubai that no one has ever witnessed yet!

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  1. Looking forward to this establishment! Being a Madrid fan, this surely is going to be exciting. Thank you for this amazing article.

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