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Saudi Arabia to spend $1 trillion on futuristic “The Line” Megacity


Saudi Arabia is on an ambitious journey to construct a futuristic The Line megacity spanning desert and mountains with two 75-mile-long skyscrapers.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia announced his project, NEOM, a massive economic zone that would eventually accommodate 9 million people and partially financed by a float anticipated in 2024.

To raise some of the final 600 billion riyals, Saudi Arabia will turn to sovereign wealth funds in the region and around the world in the fourth quarter of this year. These funds will also be obtained through private-sector investment and an anticipated IPO in 2024. Additionally, Saudi Arabia will put aside 300 billion riyals for a NEOM-affiliated fund that will invest in businesses that locate there.

According to the Prince, the city’s first phase will cost 1.2 trillion riyals ($319 billion), of which half will come from the Public Investment Fund, the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund.


In an attempt to bring diversity to the kingdom, The Prince of Saudi Arabia introduced the idea of a one-of-a-kind futuristic megacity. The linear city is visioned to be completed and open to the public by 2030.

Smart cities and towns, ports, business districts, research facilities, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist attractions will all be part of the $500 billion plan.


The development will include a total area of 26,500 square kilometers and be divided into several zones, including logistical and industrial sectors. A commercial and technology hub is predicted to boost the kingdom’s revenue by $48 billion and generate 380,000 new employees. This is scheduled to go under construction in the first quarter of this year.

The Line Megacity 1

It will run on 100 percent renewable energy, have no roads, automobiles, or pollution, and 95% of the land will be set aside for natural habitat. The prince claimed that the area’s parameters are “ideal” for capturing both solar and wind energy. By 2060, Saudi Arabia, the largest supplier of crude oil, wants to have “net zero” emissions of greenhouse gases.

Neom’s water distribution system will be fully interconnected thanks to cutting-edge construction. Neom will be at the forefront of water technology as a result of minimizing water loss. All parts of Neom will be reachable within 20 minutes thanks to high-speed transit. With all necessary everyday services, including schools, hospitals, fitness centers, and green spaces, within a five-minute walk.

The Line Megacity 4

The Line

The Line will be a part of the enormous Neom complex in the desert, which will also have an artificial ski resort, a 100-mile vertical city, an octagonal floating port city, flying elevators, a commuter swimming lane, and robotics and AI to help its future residents.

The heart of the Red Sea mega-city Neom is made up of a series of parallel, mirror skyscrapers known as The Line, which spans more than 170 kilometers (more than 100 miles). The Line is one of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s attempts to diversify the economy of the oil-dependent Gulf state.

Saudi Arabia The Line Mega City Neom 2

The Line is envisioned as a 200 meter wide collection of “modules” for various urban uses wedged between two mirrored outside facades that are 500 meters high and 170 kilometers long, cutting over a large expanse of desert and mountains. A stadium, gardens, and even hanging pathways will be present. The Line will also be the world’s first zero-gravity vertical city.

“The Line is a project that is a civilizational revolution that puts humans first”. “The idea of layering city functions vertically, giving people the possibility of moving seamlessly in three dimensions to access them, is a concept referred to as zero-gravity urbanism,” The Prince said.

Neom city Map

The Line Megacity

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