Okara University vows to facilitate disabled in education, employment


Okara University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar in an orientation session organized for the encouragement of the physically challenged students vowed to provide the students with best possible educational facilities and help them in seeking employment after completing their degrees. 

The session was organized by the ‘Center for Persons With Disabilities’ under the supervision of Dr Nadeem and Dr Nadia Gillani. 

More than 80 students, who got enrolled in the UO on disabled quota, attended the event and shared their thoughts and concerns with the VC and the faculty. 

Talking about the social stigmas attached with the special persons, the VC said that it was unethical and inhumane to call them ‘disabled’, rather they should have been termed as ‘differently abled persons’. 

“No one is perfect in this world. Everyone is deficient in one thing or the other. We should accept these deficiencies of each other and work together for a better future.”

Dr Zakar urged his teachers not to make any discrimination among students on the basis of physical state. “I want the special persons not to lag behind in the race of life and I will not tolerate any discrimination against them.


Such students should be facilitated and accommodated, not out of mercy but with dignity.”

He further said, “This is an inclusive university that is aimed at providing equal academic and infrastructural facilities to all students regardless of race, religion, socio-economic status and physical appearance.”

The VC also announced plans to personally visit all the towns and villages in the 100 kilometer radius of the university with an objective to hunt and encourage the physically challenged students to seek their higher education free of cost. 

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