HyunA and dawn break up after 6 years shatter k-pop army


K-pop fans were devasted to hear about the breakup between the South Korean singer-songwriter HyunA and South Korean rapper Dawn after remaining together for six years. HyunA took to Instagram and broke news to her fans. The post read “We broke up. We’ve decided to be good friends and coworkers. Thank you all for being supportive of our relationship.” Dawn has yet to confirm this news.

Hyuna And Dawn

Considering how these two have developed their relationship whilst staying together in this industry, making them one of the most favorite couples of the public who were not scared of being open about their relationship. Their wedding would have been a historic event in K-Pop history, but the relationship has ended thanks to a brief Instagram post by HyunA.

Hyuna And Dawn

They made their relationship public in August 2018. They first started dating in May 2016 and eventually as their relationship progressed, they announced their engagement earlier this year in February. Both HyunA and DAWN signed a contract under PSY’s label P NATION and also ended up releasing their one and only duet album in September 2021. The album titled 1+1=1, had some really good songs including their most popular hit song, “PING PONG.”

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