WWE Star CJ Perry (Lana) leaves 1.3m fans furious for homeless remark


Former WWE wrestler CJ Perry stirred controversy after she made an obnoxious remark about a homeless person. This started after CJ Perry (Lana) made a comment on the tweet of a homeless person.

Adam (a homeless person) wrote on Twitter: “It’s hard to keep going when you’re homeless. Everyone ignores you. Everything is a reminder of what you once had.”

Perry (Lana) made an obnoxious remark about this tweet of Adam by tweeting “you have a device to tweet from

This set the internet on fire and Netizens came from all sides to attack her.

Perry (Lana) had to respond to this Twitter battle with her 1.3m furious fans. She posted a bunch of tweets explaining to her fans what she meant by the original tweet. She also tweeted that she had been homeless on 2 occasions and had nothing but sympathies for people without shelter.

Perry (Lana) tweeted, “Let me clear something up about something going around about a tweet. Most people don’t know that I was homeless 2 different times chasing big dreams. I have plenty of empathy for the homeless because I was homeless. But I was grateful because I had a phone to tweet from”

Cj Perry Lana Tweet

She Added:


“I understand my Eastern European upbringing and motivational speech did not resonate with many of you. As a kid and teenager, I had shoes thrown at me. I was whipped by my ballet teachers because they ‘believed in me.’ I apologize if I seemed insensitive and caused more damage. I truly was trying to motivate in the way I know how. Which I failed and I apologize. When people would do that to me it always helped but I see it did not help in this situation. And I am sorry for that.”

In another tweet, Perry (Lana) talked about her trying to block the memories of being homeless as this made her remember all the places she slept. She added that Twitter fans had re-triggered her trauma with their hateful tweets.

Cj Perry Lana Tweet

In her recent tweet, she finally apologized for her post and clarified that she had no intention of offending people with her comments.

Cj Perry Lana Tweet

Twitteratis were not happy with Perry’s Apology

The star’s apology received a huge response from fans in a short period. Judging by the responses it seems likes fans aren’t much happy about her apology.

Who is Catherine Joy CJ Perry?

Ex-WWE Superstar Lana was quite a popular name during her stint in WWE. She now enjoys her post-WWE life and regularly shares her lifestyle and pictures with her fans across the globe.

CJ Perry Wrestling in WWE

CJ was a famous wrestler in her time and knock out many giants of the era. You can watch some of their notable bouts of Perry.

CJ Perry WWE Achievements

Her time at WWE was bits of highs and lows and also she did not come out from the controversies.

WWE released Perry (37) in June 2021 and so for heartthrob did not join any other professional wrestling.

Diva has been indulged in multiple projects. During her time in WWE, Perry was a manager for her husband Rusev.

Although, she never won a championship but was the sole survivor in the Survivor Series elimination match at Survivor Series in 2020.

CJ Perry Kissed Bobby Lashley

Lana reveals she filed for divorce from Rusev and embraces Bobby Lashley, as he makes quick work of No Way Jose.


CJ Perry Speaking Russian

CJ Perry and Julia Hart fight

On her work front, she has been building her feud with multiple people. His husband —Miro—commented he’s heard a woman whispering to him since he was misted by Malakai Black at Forbidden Door.

Netizens commented that could be a reference to his wife, CJ Perry (who went by Lana when they were in WWE).

Mrs. Miro’s been a fixture of his promos since joining his company, frequently dropping references to how hot and/or limber she is into his stories.

Finally, the news broke that House of Black’s Julia Hart is whose been whispering in The Redeemer’s ear.

Miro told a former cheerleader: “There’s only one woman who can touch me, and she’s not that one woman”.

CJ Perry Return to WWE

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