Hanif Abbasi gets big relief from LHC in ephedrine case


The Lahore High Court on Monday allowed the transfer of PML-N leader Raja Hanif Abbasi’s appeal against his sentence in ephedrine quota case from Rawalpindi seat to principal seat.

Abbasi had filed an application for early hearing of appeal and its transfer to the principal seat.

The Punjab government law officer while opposing the transfer application said that appeals in narcotics cases were being heard at the Rawalpindi bench. He said that there was no need to transfer the proceedings to Lahore seat.

Abbasi’s counsel submitted that the judges sitting at Rawalpindi bench recused themselves from the appeal on personal reasons. He requested to transfer the appeal from Rawalpindi to the principal seat in Lahore.

The court allowed the transfer application and directed the registrar office to fix the hearing of the appeal at the principal seat before an appropriate bench.

The ANF had registered the case against Abbasi and others in 2012 under sections 9-C, 14 and 15 of the Control of Narcotics Substances (CNS) Act for misuse of 500kg of ephedrine.

A special court for control of narcotics substance (CNS) had awarded life imprisonment along with a fine of Rs1 million to Abbasi days before the last general elections on July 21, 2018 in the ephedrine quota case.


Abbasi was contesting election against his main rival Awami Muslim League’s chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmad from NA-60, Rawalpindi but he stood disqualified following the guilty verdict four days before the general election.

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