Interculturality on Netflix, Amazon Prime may help in De-Americanization: Research


Dr. Taimoor-ul Hassan, Dean of FMCS, University of Central Punjab has presented a paper titled “American Cultural Influence in Pakistan: Role of American and Pakistani Media” at the 15th International American Studies Conference held virtually.

Area Study Centre for Africa, North & South America, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad jointly organized the conference.


Prof. Taimoor-ul Hassan focused on the role of American and Pakistani media regarding American cultural influences in Pakistan. He talked about cultural imperialism, soft power of the USA, and dependency of Pakistani media on American entertainment and news media.


Dr Taimur concluded that interculturality, collaborative work on streaming services like Netflix, and sharing of content with international audiences on social networking sites may be solutions for de-Westernization and de-Americanization.

The session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Rubina Kamran, Foundation University, Rawalpindi, and panelists were Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa, Assistant Professor, Area Study Centre for Africa, North & South America. Other presenters of this session were Prof. Dr. Charmaine McKissick-Melton, North Carolina Central University, USA, and Prof. Dr. Waseem Anwar, Former Dean and Chair of English Department, FC College University, Lahore.


Separately, the Faculty of Media and Communication Studies arranged a special workshop for the students who have registered the course “Visual Communication Design” on June 19, 2021.


In the recent meeting held with the Dean FMCS Professor Dr. Taimoor ul Hassan and the faculty, the students expressed the desire of more exposure to practical experience.  This workshop covered essential skills for working in Photoshop and was led by the course instructor: Ms. Momina Abrar. The students were shown some comprehensive list of tips and examples which will help them refine their editing skills required to excel in the industry.

Earlier, FMCS Dean Dr Taimoor congratulated to all FMCS UCP ‘s PhD degree holders and would be degree holders.

In a Facebook post, Dr Taimoor said, “It has been a long, hard journey riddled with many hiccups, but your sustained efforts and commitment yielded you this reward. FMCS is grateful to you for producing this huge body of research and making us feel proud of you. I am personally thankful to you for believing in us and I hope that you will contribute in numerous ways to elevate the discipline of Media and Communication as researchers, teachers and, most importantly, as mentors. Best of luck.”


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