Expo City Dubai 2020: Tickets, schedule, and Free Entry. All You Need To Know


Delayed by the pandemic but no less magnificent in its splendor, the Expo City Dubai 2020 has been one of the most anticipated events in the region.

The Expo 2020 finally had its turn to enlighten the world through its diverse range of pavilions at the Dubai Exhibition Center. Expo 2020 Dubai touched new heights in 2022 as the UAE authorities opened the Expo Dubai City with an attraction due to features including free entry, and subsidized tickets. The Expo 2020 vision pavilions and sustainability pavilion open on October 1.

Expo City Dubai Pavilion

Al Wasl Plaza observation tower presents a surreal water feature at Expo City Dubai. Also, the Garden in the Sky attraction, a rotating observation tower, provides visitors with an astonishing view.

Expo City Dubai 2020

Dubai Expo and Covid

Despite the restrictions that the pandemic posed, Expo City Dubai was able to generate one million visits within the very last weekend and hit close to 23 million visits in total. These statistics mark the importance of these pavilions to the public ensuring success in the future. Tentatively, the next World Expo is said to be held in Japan in 2025.

Expo 2020 Dubai Schedule

A World Expo inspired millions of visitors by showcasing the best of collaboration and innovation from around the world. You can check the schedule here.


Dubai Expo and Economy

As per, the official website, Expo 2020 Dubai boosted the economy by awarding AED 6.8 billion in contracts to Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs in June this year. The vision of Dubai Expo 2020 made many dreams materialize for UAE and ruler of Dubai.

Dubai Expo 2020 Opening

Free Tickets for Teachers

Marjan Faraidooni, chief of education and culture at Expo City Dubai, said that teachers inspire today’s youth to become future leaders, innovators, and change-makers. Many pavilions were open per person per visit criteria. Many students got a one-day chance to visit the attractions of Dubai Expo 2020 that were opened to visitors. The school groups children aged 12 and under and people who visited Expo City 2020 as part of the Expo School Programme.

What is Opportunity Pavilion?

The Opportunity Pavilion builds on the urban history of the plaza that provides shared human experiences.

Expo City Dubai 2020

Alif and Terra Pavilion

Alif – the mobility pavilion features the world’s largest passenger lift, which will transport 160+ people of determination at a time.

Expo City Dubai 2020

Dubai Expo City Location

Download the Expo 2020 Dubai App and Expo 2020 Dubai App.

From planning your journey to the site to creating a personal schedule of events, attractions, and parades to see, you’ll be able to make the most of every minute of your visit with our mobile app.

Expo 2020 Tour Guide

Dubai hotel occupancy in 2022 hits a 15-year high thanks to Expo 2020 Dubai. Chief Operating Officer Rove Hotels Paul Bridger said that Expo 2020 Dubai marked a milestone in the history of the region that will have a long-lasting effect on both Dubai’s global image and its hospitality industry: You can get tickets from ticketing booths per pavilion. There are others attraction passes that you can also avail of.

Expo City Dubai Best Pavilions

Throughout the Expo City Dubai, although all pavilions stood unique and brilliant, there are certain ones specific, that caught visitors’ attention.

United Arab Emirates

Of course, an expo hosted in Dubai cannot be complete without an exhibit of the UAE itself. The pavilion stands out as a sleek white structure with wings sprouting out making the structure undeniably enticing. The structure comprises three floors divided into six different sections showcasing its roots and transformation to what it is today!

The World Expo, held every few years, holds great importance to not only people visiting the Expo but more so to the different countries seizing their chance to showcase their achievements, heritage, and culture to the entire world without any resistance. It is, thus, truly a platform for providing countries with to “Connect Minds” through their respective pavilions. 

Expo City Dubai 2020

Pakistan Pavilion Dubai

One of Asia’s best-kept secrets! Home to one of the world’s earliest civilizations, a culture of boundless hospitality, riveting geographic wonders, and an upcoming investment destination of choice.


India’s pavilion in Expo City Dubai stood tall with four floors narrating the elements which constitute India’s legacy such as that Yoga, space programs, etc. What did, however, make India’s pavilion a showstopper was the impressive architecture of the exterior and the sheer size of the exhibit. It is a hard one to miss!

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s exhibit begins with a large projection screen comprising the entire dome of the ceiling taking us through a journey of its history, people, and heritage. Although there were several other elements in their pavilion, the initial screening seemed like the most enticing feature.


Singapore’s pavilion particularly stands out due to its increasingly modern and contemporary structure. Singapore’s pavilion primarily focuses on the concept of sustainability by exposing visitors to a 3-dimensional greenery experience, and by showcasing a self-sustainable rainforest. 

South Korea

South Korea managed to set itself apart by implementing dynamic changes during the course of the day. It adopted two of the expo sub-themes, mobility, and opportunity, to showcase what awaits the cities on a guided trail that is formed through both real and virtual environments. 

World’s First Expo 1851

Historically, the very first expo took place in 1851 in Hyde Park, London as a platform for various countries around the world to showcase their achievements whereas England increasingly sought to display its own. However, unlike London’s expo, as a silver lining side effect of the ongoing pandemic Dubai’s expo blossomed as an avenue for curing and rebuilding all that was lost during the pandemic: ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.’

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