Best spots to visit in Lahore

Lahore, ‘The city of Gardens’ truly lives up to its name. This mesmerizing city encompasses all the tourist sites and activities that a person could ask for whether you’re feeling historical, playful or simply want to rest, Lahore has got it all covered. With well executed infrastructure and carpeted roads, the stay becomes even more joyous. If you’re an outsider coming to visit Lahore or even a resident of this beautiful city, then this article will provide you with the best spots to visit in Lahore!

Best spots to visit in Lahore for when you feel Historical:

Pakistan’s history is incomplete without the mention of this glorious city that we take proud in living. It has such places in existence which date back to the period of the Mughals that are simply fascinating . Areas that hold sentimental value for our fellow Pakistanis, reminding us what our past was and how important it is to know one’s background in order to be grateful and humble for the present. Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qila, Minar e Pakistan, Bagh e Jinnah, Hiran Minaar are to only name a few of the many places that you could visit. All of them holding astounding stories to hear.

Badshahi Mosque is famous for its beauty of the Mughal era as it was created by a Mughal emperor ‘Aurangzeb’. After the fall of the Mughal Emperors it was used as a defense force by Sikhs and British Empire. The recently upgraded ‘Food Street’ adds even more fun to the already entertaining experience. Enjoy the most scrumptious food in the heart of Lahore.

Badshahi Masjid

Minar-e-Pakistan, also known as ‘Tower of Pakistan,’ was built with a purpose to commemorate the Lahore Resolution. Qarardad-e-Pakistan was passed in an All India Muslim League session on March 23, 1940. It was held at Minto Park which is now renamed as ‘Iqbal Park’. Water Dance and Light Shower is now available as well for the pleasure of tourists, certainly a beautiful sight to watch. It fills up with multiple colors, completely washing away the darkness of the night.

Minar e Pakistan

Hiran Minar (meaning “Deer Tower”) was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor ‘Jahangir’ in a hunting reserve used by the Mughal royals.  The minaret itself was built in 1606 C.E. as a monument to Emperor Jahangir’s beloved pet antelope, Mansiraj, or “Lord of All Animal Beings”‘. Such a rich and interesting historical fact to know about this breath taking place. The Minar itself is built in such grace and design, which honestly is unbeatable even in the 21st Century! Many bridal photo-shoots take place here because of the unmatched beauty. A walk down this path will definitely make you feel like a royal yourself.

Hiran Minar

For when you feel Playful:

We all have one of those days where the baby in us comes forward and wants to do playful, exciting activities. Well, Lahore just happens to be the solution for that.

Playdium is the most amazing arcade & Playland in Lahore filled with games that have been introduced for the first time in Pakistan! Attractions include Soft play area, Pubg, AR games & Simulators, gyroscope, bumper cars, Birthday parties and so much more. It entails a day full of amusement and do not worry about being hungry because you can fuel up between rounds with a quick snack or grab a table for a laid back meal. There’s Gloria Jeans just down the stairs as well. Within PKR 1000-2000, you can enjoy many games freely.


Uptown LA in DHA provides the most entertaining bowling experience in all of Lahore with both food and entertainment available. It is a great place to chill with friends and have a fun day out to relax your nerves. Those who are visiting this place for bowling can do so at a very economical price plus there is no entrance fee meaning it won’t strip you of your money.

UpTown LA

Star bowling located in Fortress Stadium, Saddar Town is another top notch place to go bowling and experience some delightful times. The single person package for 500 rupees for 10 rounds bowling is worth it. The place is very family friendly and the staff highly cooperative and understanding, both of which are plus points to look out for.

Star Bowling

For when you want to lay back and relax:

SE7EN – Groceries & Tea Room is a newly introduced and one of a kind grocery shop. It has completely aesthetic vibes and carefully chosen products that will be to your most liking. They are among those start-ups that support collaborations with new businesses in the economy like home-made food and beverages. They also have a tea room out in the open for recreational purposes. Sit back, have a tea, grab your favorite dessert and just go through the day in peaceful silence and harmony. 

SE7EN – Groceries & Tea Room

Rung Hee Rung is a true capture and construction of applaud-worthy architectural work done in Qaddafi Stadium. This beautiful and serene place is the perfect choice for an afternoon’s get away (even more calming when it rains). They provide aromatic herb teas to tag with you as you walk in this one of a kind botanical garden taking in all the vision. Places of these kinds are gems to visit and a great way to detoxify yourself from life’s daily stressors and hectic schedules. So don’t wait and plan your next visit to this enchanting garden.

Rung Hee Rung

Every city has its treasures; we only have to discover them. Share more beautiful and worthy places to visit in Lahore in the comments below. Head-over to this article for fun selfie spots!

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