35 ‘Selfie points’ to boost Lahore tourism


In a latest move by the Lahore division administration, the authorities of metropolis have deliberated to allocate as many as 35 ‘Selfie points’ in the Lahore city as part of ‘Beautiful Lahore Program’ to boost Lahore tourism.

Lahore Division Commissioner Muhammad Usman presided over in meeting with an agenda of ‘Beautiful Lahore Program, also attended by LDA Director General Ahmed Aziz Tarar.

Lahore Commissioner reviewed the recommendations of 12 departments under clean and beautiful Lahore.

Lahore Tourism

Muhammad Usman said that long road from Lahore Burj to Kharak has a potential for a signal free road and said LDA should hand over that road to the MCL that will responsible for repair, maintenance and street lights.

The Commissioner Lahore was informed in the briefing that 35 selfie points have been proposed in the city for the promotion of tourism and recreation in the city.

He also said that cloth and plastic steamers will be removed in 29 road corridors in 9 zones of the city where digital steamers will be installed.

Commissioner Lahore said that each department would complete its work on the proposed road corridors of the city on modern scale.

Lahore Tourism

A Joint Committee have been formed for the complete rehabilitation and renovation of the corridors.


Moreover, Walled City of Lahore that forms the historic core of Lahore, Pakistan that was established around 1000 CE in the western half of the Walled City and fortified by a mud wall during the medieval era.

The Walled City has many monuments of Mughal era, with some of Lahore’s most iconic structures being in the Walled City, like lavishly decorated Wazir Khan Mosque, the massive Badshahi Mosque, and the Shahi Hammam.

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