Digital pot to introduce digital monitoring system for watering plants


Welcome to the world of a digital pot. This is the idea of about a pot comprising a smart container to provide a space for the growth of the small plants. It will be designed in a way so that it could provide information which will include the reminder for the need of the plants to be watered, the high temperature on a particular day so that plants could be taken care of. It will be different from the traditional pots as they don’t have such specifications which is backed by the technological equipment’s.
Water is needed by the plants to complete the biological process of photosynthesis.

When the plant is not taken care of and is only provided with very little water then it will cause the plant to droop or wilt and on the other hand if there is too much water provided then it will result in causing the roots of the plants to rot.
The Digital Pot will be designed for the individuals so they can easily look after their plants. The digital pot will operate by keeping our plants healthy through notifying the users about when there is a requirement of watering it. The notification will be done through expressions on LCD display which will be present on the pot. The display will show different icons depending on the water requirement of the plant. The icons will include emoji faces such as dissatisfied, danger, normal and more water. The system will work by analyzing and measuring the soil conditions, temperature of the surroundings, the current water level, and the number of times the plant has been watered and the light exposure. All these variables will be expressed through the facial symbols which has been defined above.
The unique features it will be provide to the users will include that incase if the user by mistake has over watered the plant, then it will through the sensors will quickly recognize it and will react by draining the water which is not needed. It will be powered through the USB and the data which is collected from the sensors can be downloaded in the computer or mobile phones and could also be stored on the cloud for later access
There will be an application designed that can connect with the digital pot and sync all the data. it should be designed in a way so that it can be very user friendly and easy to use as the target audience will also include elder people who might not prefer complications while using it. The application will be available to download from the “Apple App store” and android’s “Play Store”. It can also be downloaded online for the computers. The application will work by giving notifications and alert to the user when there is a need of watering the plants or there is a rise in temperature and plants require more water for that specific time and if by mistake the user has overwatered the plant.
As almost everyone in today’s date is equipped with a smart phone so internet of things will provide them an advantage of monitoring and controlling data through automation and control, and this will allow a major development to be made in the green industry.

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