Fahad Sheikh praised for his acting skills in DUNK


Fahad Sheikh after his captivating performance in the drama serial Jalan now become the centre of attention for his acting skills in Dunk ARY Digital. The character he unfolded over the long haul from being a kindhearted big brother to a guy of fury, yet helplessness encircles him in Dunk ARY Digital.

The storyline of Dunk ARY Digital spins around the consequences that happen out of a false allegation of harassment and the interesting turn of events that it takes. From leading Professor Humayun to take his life to ignite a fire between two families and blood brothers.

Featuring the best entertainers in the Pakistani Drama Industry including the incredible Nauman Ejaz, Fahad Sheikh, Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Jawed, Shahood Alvi, Laila Wasti, Saifi Hassan and Azekah Daniel. Everybody has worked effectively in a tremendous way delivering their roles.

Fahad Sheikh

If we take a look at the recent episode 28 of DUNK, it can be summarized decently by a single scene where Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) is being seen visiting Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan) in order to tell him to withdraw the case he made against the false allegations made against Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan) and that he will be hurting his parents by fighting this case against his own blood and will get nothing good out of it.

While Haider agrees with him by saying that he will take back the case only if Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) is ready to test his honour, and this is where Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) gives a confused look to Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan).

After this, Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan) visits Amal (Sana Javed) and by telling her that he will withdraw from the case, he gets her to spill out all the lies she has been pulling off for so long, and that is where Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) listens to it all outside the room’s door and shatters into pieces. Meanwhile, Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan) comes out of the room and gives Safeer some courage to face the shock he had just witnessed.

Fahad Sheikh’s shocked and depressive expressions make the viewers feel bad for the character yet his expressions are too hot for the audience to handle. It is his mixed look that not many have seen throughout this drama serial until now. Here we can see how smoothly he acted with his mesmerizing spark and won the hearts of the audience once again. Let’s wait for the upcoming episode to reveal more of Fahad Sheikh’s attractive expressions.

Fahad Sheikh

Fahad Sheikh is intense in his energy for outshining his previous self. He has never failed to stun us with his diverse range of skills. He graced the TV screen with his intriguing acting abilities in 2014. A relentless star without a doubt, Fahad Sheikh amazed the viewers with his wonderful acting abilities in various drama serials.


His buzzing energy and adaptability have effectively started a stir in the domain of TV and fashion. Fahad is noticed to deliver dialogue brilliantly with his attractive expressions and handsome looks as well as his on-screen chemistry with all of the costars.

Fahad Sheikh

We are adoring Fahad Sheikh acting in this episode and drooling over his charming personality. His acting skills and good looks are too strong and impeccable enough to lead him towards more success, don’t you think? Well, I certainly do think so and I really wonder why is he so underrated in the Pakistani entertainment industry. We can’t wait to see more of his future appearances in more drama serials!

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