Pakistan successfully vaccines 10 million citizens, eyes 70m breakthrough by Dec


Federal Minister for Planning and NCOC head Asad Umar on Wednesday said that Pakistan successfully achieved the milestone of administering 10 million vaccines against coronavirus. Pakistan successfully vaccines 10 million citizens, and eyes 70m target by Dec 2021.

Asad Umar said that daily 0.35 million people are being registered for vaccine rollout.  “The corona restrictions will be eased as soon as the population gets vaccinated,” Asad Umar added.   

He was addressing a press conference along with Lieutenant General Hamood-Uz-Zaman Khan and Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry at Islamabad.

NCOC Session, chaired by Minister for Planning Development and Special Initiatives, co-chaired by National Coordinator Lt Gen Hamooduz Zaman Khan was held in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The forum took a comprehensive review of vaccination process and implementation of Covid SOPs (NPIs).


Decisions regarding National mass vaccination campaign

• Countrywide mass vaccination campaign will be run under three-pronged strategy based on

• Voluntarily Vaccination by all citizens

• Obligatory for public and private sectors employees. In this regard all public sector employees will have to be vaccinated by 30 June 2021.

• Incentivised campaign for which NCOC is considering to introduce certain incentives for various sectors to encourage vaccination.


•. All vaccination centres will remain open from 8 AM to 10 PM daily from 11 June 2021 (less Sunday).

• Vaccination centres will remain open on Friday instead of Sunday.

• From 11th june onwards 18 years+ citizens will be able to avail the walk-in facility in vaccination centres

• NCOC is in the process of developing IT-based solutions for verification of vaccination certificates which shall be completed by end June 2021.

Decisions on NPIs

These decisions will be implemented from 15th June onwards:

• Restriction on closure of two days a week will be relaxed to 1 day. Choice of day will be at the discretion of Federating units.

• Partial opening of indoor gyms for vaccinated members only.

•  Only selective non contact sports will be permitted, while ban on contact sports(Karate, boxing, MMA,Rugby, Kabbadi, Wrestling, waterpolo) and festivals, cultural and other events will remain imposed.

• Ban on closure of shrines will remain imposed.

• Cinemas will remain closed.

• Existing 50% work from home policy will be relaxed to 100 % office attendance.

• Two days weekly ban on inter-provincial transportport will be lifted.

• Restriction regarding 50 % occupancy for public transport will be relaxed to 70% occupancy. 

• Current Restrictions already announced by NCOC regarding recreation, education Sector, mask wearing SOP, Railways and inbound passengers policy will remain in place till further orders.

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