Fahad Sheikh lead role in ‘Azmaish’ delivers promising acting skills


Fahad Sheikh showcased his brilliant acting skills in the first episode of yet another promising attempt in the all-new drama serial Azmaish on ARY Digital, starring alongside Kinza Hashmi and Yashma Gill. As we bid adieu to Ramadan with the month-long TV series, ARY Digital excited Fahad’s fans with the promos of his new drama serial, leaving all of us wanting to see more.

The debut episode of the drama serial Azmaish aired on Wednesday, 19th May. It introduced us to a household of underlying tensions between the stepsisters, Nimra (played by Kinza Hashmi) and Shiza (Yashma Gill). The drama started off with the conflicts and attempts to deteriorate the image of the other sister by the two stepsisters of Nimra and her mother in the eyes of their father.

The constant attempts to somehow bring Nimra down keeps the audience to the edge of their seats to what could go wrong next but amid all this drama, viewers get blessed with the introduction of Basit (played by Fahad Sheikh).

Fahad Sheikh appears as a breath of fresh air for the audience as a ray of hope to take the plot along. We get familiarised by the character’s middle class family background portrayed excellently by the actor. Going further, there is a contrast of expressions and acting skills in a single episode when Fahad engages with his boss in a “Yes sir” manner and unexpectedly gets swayed by love at first sight for his ladylove Nimra. The change in expressions and the interesting turn of the events is played spectacularly by Fahad, almost reminding us of the classic Romeo and Juliet love-story. The lovely soundtrack ‘Tu Mera Nahi’ only adds to the growing tension and romance between the two leads as the story begins 

As Fahad’s character Basit is shown to be getting lost in love for Nimra, the audience cannot help but admire him doing so and going in awe for the amazing execution of the scene. This role of Fahad is quite different from his critically acclaimed role in the drama serial Dunk as Safeer. There, he appeared as a mature and doting husband being a victim of a familial issue, while acing his role throughout the drama serial. When fans were already applauding the actor for his role in Dunk, Fahad brings a treat for them in an all-new avatar and plot.

Here, he is seen as struggling with financial stability and being defeated by the hands of love. The drama serial has just started out with it’s first episode being aired, and fans cannot wait to witness what all is in store! With winning hearts right from the start, Fahad has set the bar too high for the drama to unfold next, while keeping us hooked to the next episode.

Oftentimes in drama serials, majority of the male actors play similar roles in almost all their projects. However, Fajad stands out from this crowd due to his versatility in acting and how he executes naturally and goes into the skin of the role. He dazzlingly appears on screen in each of his characters and makes us believe that he is fit for the role only to appear next in a completely different avatar and character.


Before Dunk and Azmaish, Fahad was seen in the hit drama serial Jalan in his powerful acting skills and made us all huge fan of him.

Fahad started as a TV host for the Style 360 show ‘11 Number’ and has his own YouTube channel where he is quite active in showing his athletic looks and wows the fans.

He keeps blessing our screens with the wonderful display of his expressions and emotions that are suited to each scene. It’s in this change of characters that lies his brilliance as a great actor who has many more fruitful projects to come in his journey for sure.

As Fahad is slowly climbing up the ladder to success with his consistent hard work and passion, his fans can only wonder what more comes in store for them in the drama serial Azmaish. Azmaish already seems like quite a ‘challenge’ between the two sisters who are shown as a lead against Fahad (playing Basit in the drama) in what appears to be a love triangle.

Being glued to the screen, we are highly anticipating the following episode of Azmaish to reveal how the story takes on from where it left. Till then, we are re-watching the promos and the bits from the drama to make a guess from ourselves!


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