Online shopping jumps to record $9.12 billion on Thanksgiving day


The harvest dinner that the colonial Pilgrims had in 1621 is the inspiration for Thanksgiving, which takes place on the fourth Thursday of November. The festival is still a day when Americans get together with their families for a day of food and football. Despite record inflation and increasing prices, Black Friday sales generated a record $9.12 billion from internet customers this year, according to estimates.

According to Adobe Analytics, the $9.12 billion sum increased from $8.92 billion in 2021 and a $9.03 billion new record the year before. People are spending more to buy less this year due to inflation, which contributes to some of the increase.

Thanksgiving Day

Online sales of gadgets increased by 221% on Friday compared to a typical day in October 2022. Apple MacBooks and watches and smartphones were among the top products sold.

Drones, the Xbox Series X, and video games like FIFA 23 and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were other well-liked products. According to Adobe, online sales of gadgets increased by 221% on Friday compared to a typical day in October 2022. Apple MacBooks and watches were among the top products sold.

That hastily stated festival week has developed a life of its own over the years, with each new generation putting its spin on the autumn custom. To give you something with which to speak at the Thanksgiving table this November except politics, we’ve gathered some obscure facts.

Who held the first Thanksgiving day? Which nation?

One of the first Thanksgiving celebrations was a harvest feast that colonists and the Wampanoag tribe shared in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1621. However, some historians contend that the first Thanksgiving day in North America may have taken place in Florida, not Massachusetts.


A Spanish navy landed in 1565, over 60 years before Plymouth, and christened the new settlement of St. Augustine by burying a cross in the sand. The 800 Spanish immigrants and the indigenous Timucuan people celebrated a joyous supper to commemorate the arrival and give thanks for God’s providence.

What was served on the first Thanksgiving day?

It’s unlikely that Plymouth’s Thanksgiving feast was quite similar to the holiday extravaganza we enjoy today. Even though turkeys were native, there is no documentation of a large, roasted bird during the feast. In addition to the products of the first pilgrim crop, including pumpkin, the Wampanoag brought deer and there would have been plenty of local seafood (mussels, lobster, bass). But no mashed potatoes. Only lately had potatoes from South America been transported back to Europe.

When was the first national Thanksgiving day declared in America?

To commemorate its triumph against the British at the Battle of Saratoga, America was the first to ask for a national day of thanksgiving. George Washington once more requested a national day of gratitude in 1789 to honor the conclusion of the Revolutionary War and the ratification of the Constitution on the last Thursday in November. And after significant triumphs during the American Civil War, both the Confederacy and the Union declared Thanksgiving Day. There were record online sales on this day.

Thanksgiving terms and traditions and Fun facts

Thanksgiving Day

This is the happiest time of the year in the US, a time for eating, quality time with loved ones, and expressions of gratitude. A harvest festival is where the origins of one of the most popular national holidays in the US, Thanksgiving, may be found. To share a meal and show their appreciation, people from all across the country assemble. On this delightful festival of giving thanks, there is much more to do than simply eat. There are many different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, such as marches, purchasing, sports, and volunteer activities.

Check out the Macy’s Parade

One of the most well-known American holiday customs nowadays is Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Streets of Manhattan in New York City are lined with spectators. A distinctive feature of this Parade is the sizeable inflatable balloons that float high above the spectators between the skyscrapers.


Wishbones can be Broken for Luck

Although it may seem absurd, this exists! Upon killing the bird, the wishbone, a Y-shaped bone that is associated with much mysticism, is set down to harden. Two folks make their wishes and break the wishbone once the supper is finished. It is believed that whoever wins the larger piece would have their desire granted and experience good luck in the coming year.

Eat a Thanksgiving Meal

The celebration wouldn’t be complete without the customary Thanksgiving supper. Certain foods must be served, including roast turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. Green bean casserole is currently a common dish, particularly in the Midwest. Pumpkin pie, of course, completes the menu for sweets. The next tradition is then appropriate.

Go to sleep

After cooking and indulging in delicious food in the afternoon, many individuals retreat to the couch for a midday nap. Turkey is well known for having high quantities of tryptophan, an amino acid that causes this sudden onset of fatigue. The turkey is not entirely to blame, even though tryptophan is known to facilitate the release of sedatives like melatonin. The more sugar-rich meals you eat, such as pie, the more worn out you become. However, everyone deserves a respite from the Christmas commotion!

Describe your main source of gratitude

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year in the company of family and friends. When you’re eating or unwinding later in the day, go around the room and share something you’re truly grateful for. It was fascinating to hear about everyone’s favorite moments and interactions from the previous year.

Watching a football game in America

Football is the most popular sport in the US, and the idea of games being played on this occasion dates back to 1876, just a few years after the game was formed. People gather in large numbers to watch one of America’s favorite sports and cheer on their favorite teams. Or, some families decide to play a game of football amongst themselves to help burn off some of the calories from Thanksgiving.

Embrace Friendsgiving with Gratitude

The majority of people spend Thanksgiving day with their families, so it’s important to make time to thank your friends. Friends getting together for Friendsgiving is a fairly recent tradition. It’s a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company before going home to be with family.

Thanksgiving Day

Perform a turkey trot

Turkey trots are a popular Thanksgiving Day tradition across the US. It may seem contradictory (or brilliant) to run a race at America’s largest food festival. The majority of people spend Thanksgiving with their families, so it’s important to make time to thank your friends. Friends getting together for Friends giving is a fairly recent tradition. It’s a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company before going home to be with family. It’s a great way to earn and burn off the calories from Thanksgiving dinner.

Black Friday shopping

The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest online shopping days for retailers nationwide. This day, which is now known as Black Friday online sales, is now practically a holiday. People still wait in line for hours at the crack of dawn to obtain excellent deals and start their holiday shopping, even though e-commerce has altered this ritual.

Thanksgiving Day

The first American holiday is Thanksgiving day. The Pilgrims carried on a Native American tradition when they sat down to give gratitude for the hard-won wealth of their new home. This practice would become a key event in the calendar of all future generations of Americans. The author compares this event to the harvest celebrations that grateful adherents of all faiths around the world participate in. The book’s breathtaking illustrations depict the holiday in all of its historical and cultural facets, and the back matter includes a mouthwatering Thanksgiving day recipe, a glossary, and a helpful guide to holiday resources and references.


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