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Aftermath of massive Buffalo snowstorm in Western New York


The US National Weather Service office in Buffalo said that the massive Buffalo snowstorm storm emerged to plunge a record snowfall in Erie county on Nov 19, exterminating two people as a brutal outcome.

The city of Buffalo and its vicinity confronted likely record-breaking snowfall with startling snowfall measured more than 70 inches, according to the officials.

Although it’s not the first snowfall, the city had experienced during the winter weather, the hefty snow in this region is usually handled easily with a shrug and a shovel. But this time things emerged contrastingly for the entire city of Buffalo and its people. The snowstorm brought a prolific lake-effect snowstorm that clobbered the region.

However, the actual amount of snowfall has not yet been certified and authorities required more investigation to see if they were legitimate claims.

What is lake-effect snow?

Buffalo Snowstorm

The Buffalo region of the US has been overblown by the Lake-effect snow phenomenon which tends to be a cool, dry air that hurls across Great Lakes and guzzles up moisture that falls as snow. It is impacted by the differences between the quantity of heat and moisture at the Lake’s surface and in the air. According to forecasters, further climate change will result in more lake-effect snow in the area along with lake-effect rain.

Storm brings travel ban

It is reported that the storm threw off a significant amount of snow for Erie County during the 24 hours, with up to 6 inches per hour. The strong winds whizzed ferociously over the entire city, hauling up buffalo snow and hurling it everywhere around.

Snowfall aggregates were reported to plod above 6 feet in the southern part of the city, as the storm impacted the area and veered around to the north.

Although 280 people were successfully rescued and around 1600 were without power, two people, unfortunately, lost their lives due to the severe weather and shovel conditions.

Buffalo Snowstorm

As yet, snowfall totals of more than 6 feet have been found in two distinct locations, according to the National Weather Service. Orchard Park, where the NFL’s Buffalo Bills play in the snow, had reached 77 inches with Natural Bridge being 72.3 inches. These are some momentous numbers for the area!

The city announced a local closure due to the savage storm with driving bans for many parts of the town. Crucial steps were taken to prevent crashes and accidents along with an aim to provide help to the snow removal and emergency crews’ work.

However, travel in the Southern region was already practically unattainable in the hardest-hit areas as the storm threatened to turn over the schedules for Thanksgiving in the part.

The Buffalo residents faced a similar set in 2014, with the highest snow record of 47.5 inches in a day that increased massively to 86 inches by the third day.

The state’s record was founded in 1996, when 50 inches of snow fell in Oneida County, as specified by the National Weather Service. However, the amount was deliberately increased this time.

One of the city’s localists took the edge off the meridian reprieve to try to rid his car from the shoulder of Hertel Avenue and was merely helped by two of his neighbors. “A very Buffalo thing to do”, he said.

Thomas Headon, a local from England, was journeying from Boston to Chicago on Friday with nine more people when the storm compelled their tour bus to halt on the side of the road in Orchard Park.


“It was all of us on the bus all night,” he said. “Stuck by the highway.”

According to Greg Shiltz, 47, the snow was massive and required a lot of hard work.

Buffalo Snowstorm

Ms. Hochul, a Democrat and Buffalo native, had already proclaimed a form of emergency for 11 counties, including some neighboring Lake Ontario in New York’s northern boundary with Canada, where the squall was also growling.

Most of the businesses in Orchard Park stayed wrapped up on Saturday as cavernous snow shrouded the area, including parking lots, etc. Plows and backhoes were prevalent throughout the entire region with a perspective to clearing roads and parts of the town.

“We consign our sympathies and remind everyone that this snow is largely heavy and threatening,” Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said. “Please steer clear of shoveling this very hefty, wet snow, and use caution and stay away from overexertion if you need to shovel anyhow.”

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