VIDEO: Fashionista Japanese girl ‘kills’ customers with bottle opener skill


A video of an unknown Japanese waitress has been making rounds on the internet in which she can be seen opening the beer bottle at a fast-moving speed with her bottle opener skill

In a video, customers can be seen turning their faces towards another side as beer is sprinkled on them with speed.

Netizens appreciated the bottle opener skill the Japanese waitress showed.

A bottle opener is a device that enables the removal of metal bottle caps from glass bottles. More generally, it might be thought to include corkscrews used to remove cork or plastic stoppers from wine bottles.

A metal bottle cap is affixed to the rim of the neck of a bottle by being pleated or ruffled around the rim. A bottle opener is a specialized lever inserted beneath the pleated metalwork, which uses a point on the bottle cap as a fulcrum on which to pivot.

There are several distinct designs of such bottle openers. Wall-mounted openers are typically found behind bars in pubs, whilst hand-tool bottle openers tend to be found and used in domestic environments. The functional elements of bottle openers (a tooth or lip to catch the underside of the cap, a fulcrum across which to exert the force that will remove the cap, and usually a lever for mechanical advantage) tend to be consistent, although they can vary in design and aesthetics.

Invented at the same time as the crown cork, it is the original bottle opener. But as well as being portable it also comes as a fixed device to be attached to vertical surfaces, often with a tray to catch the bottle tops. It does not open wine bottles.


A simple opener is a piece of metal with a rectangular or rounded opening on one end and a solid handle large enough to be gripped between the thumb and forefingers on the other. The opening contains a lip that is placed under the edge of the bottle top, pulling it off when upward force is applied to the handle end of the opener.

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