Parliament only forum to overcome all challenges of Pakistan, says Raja Pervez Ashraf


By Asim Shahzad

National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf said that Parliament is the only forum to overcome all the challenges of Pakistan. He was talking to the media at the residence of General Secretary People’s Party Central Punjab Syed Hassan Murtaza after the breakfast given by Hassan Murtaza in the honour of Raja Pervez Ashraf.

Ashraf said that Parliament is the only forum where we can discuss all problems and finds solutions of the problem faced by our country. He said all political parties must join hands to support the economy.He also said we have to legislate and enforce rule of law.

Raja called for stabilisation in in Pakistani politics.While responding to the question Raja Pervez said that there is a process of accepting resignations adding that that if a member resigns under pressure, his resignation will not be accepted as per law.

Speaker said that if opposition wants free and fair elections in the country then they should take part in the legislation process. “Like the government, the opposition is also very important,” Raja Parvaiz said.


He said assemblies must complete their term.All the politicians of the country, including Parvez Elhi, Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are experienced.

They have the capability of handling issues with consensus.

He further said backdoor channel always work.

General Secretary People’s Party Central Punjab Syed Hassan Murtaza said former Prime Minister Imran Khan wants presidential system instead of parliamentary system in the country.Imran wants to abolish the parliamentary system and implement the presidential system.

In the last four years, media highlighted the scandals of Malim Jabba, Toshakhana and Al-Qadir University.Imran Khan’s era was the most corrupt era in the history of Pakistan.


Murtaza alleged that that even today Ravi Urban Development Authority is forcibly taking lands from farmers in order to oblige their financers.

Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi is obliging his blue eyed people in four districts of Punjab adding that road structure of the entire Punjab has been destroyed.On this occasion President PPP lahore Aslam Gill, Samina Ghurki, Ahsan Rizvi, Afraz Naqvi, Zeeshan Shami, Mrs Shaukat, Sonia Khan, Atif Rafiq and other party leaders were present.

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