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Watch: Traffic Police stops commuters to let tiger cross highway

A video going viral on social media shows a traffic policeman stopping commuters at a highway signal to allow a wild tiger to cross the road.


A video has been making rounds on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook in which a traffic policeman stopping commuters at a highway signal to allow a wild tiger cross highway.

As per the Indian Forest Officer (IFS) Parveen Kaswan, “Green signal only for tiger. These beautiful people. Unknown location.”

In the viral video, the traffic police are seen halting motorists on both sides of the road and giving signs to keep calm.

A tiger is then seen emerging from behind the trees and gently coming out of the jungle nearby to cross the road from a distance.


People on motorbikes and automobiles quickly took the advantage of the situation and clicked photographs of the tiger. The wildcat crosses the road slowly and quietly, while drivers wait patiently for it to return to the forest.

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 1.1 lakh views on Twitter and thousands of likes in just one day.

Some people can be seen surprised by the footage, while others can be seen describing the location of the incident.

“Have always seen such things in other countries. Good that something is changing for good in India,” wrote a user.


Another said, “This is likely National Highway 353D between Brahmapuri and Nagbhir in Maharashtra.”

“Quite Rare Situation… this Tiger has accepted human presence or was it not hungry?” wrote a third user.

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