LHC directs AGP to get Governor Cheema’s reply on Hamza Shahbaz oath-taking ceremony


LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Thursday directed the advocate general of Punjab to submit a reply on behalf of the governor to a petition of Chief Minister-elect Hamza Shahbaz challenging the delay in the oath-taking ceremony.

Chief Justice Bhatti turned down the request of Hamza Shahbaz to seek a reply from the governor the same day. Chief Justice observed, to let the court work on its course. Chief Justice observed that the court could not pass any order without hearing the point of view of the other side.

Petitioner’s counsel reiterated the request saying an additional advocate general was present in the court. He submitted that the biggest province of the country had been without its chief executive for weeks only because of the unconstitutional act of the governor.

Chief Justice adjourned the hearing till Friday (today) and directed the advocate general of Punjab to appear after seeking instructions from the governor on the matter.

Earlier the counsel submitted Hamza Shahbaz has been elected as chief minister in a session held on the directions of this court.


He said that  It said Governor Umar Sarfraz Cheema has been refusing to adhere to the constitutional command and delaying the oath-taking ceremony of the petitioner.

He pleaded that ironically, the incumbent governor had not summoned the petitioner to take oath in sheer disregard of the Constitution and constitutional convention. He submitted that the incumbent governor was a former office-bearer and worker of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and he was bent upon creating a constitutional crisis in the province.

He said that the illegal and unconstitutional inaction to call upon the chief minister-elect and refusal to administer oath on the basis of some misconceived and unconstitutional figment of imagination was clearly politically motivated and had no nexus with the constitutional role of the governor.

He requested that the governor should be directed to administer the oath of the petitioner as per the prevalent constitutional dispensation without any further delay.


He also requested to appoint any other person to administer the oath of the chief minister to the petitioner.

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