YIC arranges young entrepreneurs moot in Kohat varsity


The Youth International Conclave (YIC) organised the first version of this conference, which brought together youth from different places, and provided another event called ” Young Entrepreneurs Conference” to boost business ventures locally.

The event was hosted by Kohat University of Science and Technology in Kohat, Pakistan. The event’s theme was ” Fostering Entrepreneurship & Innovation for a Better Economy.”


The event took place on 16 March 2022, and it was attended by several corporate visionaries, leaders, and technologists.The Youth International Conclave, or YIC, is an organization committed to the development of young people.

Established to bring together talented young people from all around the world in a range of fields, including cultural, technological, educational, learning platforms, and business. YIC’s mission is to provide a variety of programs and opportunities for young people to address the needs of today’s society and to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

The Youth International Conclave – YIC is constantly working to advance entrepreneurial ventures, initiatives, and activities all over the world, particularly in Asia and Africa.This conference is being led by Engr. Umar Farooq Gul, President of Youth International Conclave, who joined the organization as a Board member in 2019 and has grown the network of Youth International Conclave to over 30 nations. Umar Farooq Gul is a motivated entrepreneur and author with a background in engineering.

He is training young people how to be entrepreneurs so that they may start their enterprises or better their lives. He is planning a variety of activities for the youngsters to participate in to learn new skills or exhibit their strengths.

Engineer Umar Farooq’s mission is to strengthen the talents of young entrepreneurs, who are vital to any economy by predicting needs and bringing innovative ideas to reality.


This was a one-day gathering devoted to encouraging business ventures, development, and innovation for the environment and economy’s advantage. Over 300 people went to this gathering to gain from the unbelievable and notable speakers. Speakers at the occasion talk about a portion of the essential issues that youthful business people face, as well as the abilities they’ll have to construct fruitful organizations.

During the gathering, delegates from a few effective organizations and business people move participants to accomplish their goals. Business owners, leaders, and technologists contributed their remarkable information and abilities to the occasion. The get-together focuses cover a wide assortment of expertise levels as well as different topics connected with economic and social development because of sped-up mechanical change.

The accentuation of the occasion was on tolerating and motivating future undergrads, business visionaries, and business experts.

The intention is to instruct, move, and exhort people who will be our reality’s future leaders, as well as to help understudies in planning to plan answers for addressing the world’s rising ecological, social, and personal satisfaction concerns.

Engr Umar Farooq Gul, who talked at the event, focused on the influence of entrepreneurship because of business on financial development and work creation. Entrepreneurs contribute to economic progress by introducing innovative ideas, products, and services.

Existing businesses become more combative as a result of increased commercial rivalry. Career opportunities provide possibilities in the short and long term for entrepreneurs.

He expressed, business venture, is basic to financial advancement. In economies where business visionaries can work with more prominent adaptability, foster their thoughts, and understand the benefits, the upgrades will be higher.


When confronted with critical regulatory obstacles, business people might move to additional created nations or change from cutthroat to non-abundance-making ventures. We laid out this program to reinforce individual gifts and back them through their way to draw in useful organizations.

He likewise featured that business is significant for work creation since it sets out new open doors when new companies enter the industry.

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