PU Film dept launches new student body to promote talent


LAHORE: The department of Film and Broadcasting at School of Communication Studies, Punjab University has launched the “Film and Broadcast Media (FABM) Society” with the goal of providing a platform for students to express their talent and acheive extraordinary accomplishmens in the ongoing cutting-edge innovation and media scholarship era.

The executive body of the society has been selected after applicants’ interviews.The society has five clubs: Broadcast Journalism Club, Film Club, Writing Club, Drama Club, and Music Club.


The new body of the student-led society expressed their dedication to utilize the platform for their learning and were passionate about their new responsibilities.Mr. Waheed Ahmed is the President, Mr. M. Ameer Hamza as Vice-President, Ms. Sadaf Masood as General Secretary, Mr. Mohsin Rauf as Office Secretary, Ms. Zoha Saeed, Ms. Nabiha Jamil, Mr. Shahzaib as Event Managers Mr. Rizwan, Mr. Armaan Nadeem, Mr. Ubaid Ullah, Mr. Hafiz Hamza as Media Managers, Mr. Siyam Subhani as Social Media Managers, Mr. Agha Fahad as Drama Club Head, Ms. Maryam Shahbaz as Music Club Head, Mr. Pir Syed Fasih Haidar Naqvi as Broadcast Journalism Club Head, Mr., Abubakar Pervaiz Film Club Head, Ms. Batool as Writing Club Head.

Dr Lubna Zaheer, Chairperson of the department, announced the names of students who have been given slots in the executive body of the society. She advised the society’s members to follow the policy of the university while organising various events.


Dr Lubna Zaheer said, “Department of Film and Broadcasting, School of Communication Studies PU Lahore’s has launched this initiative to assist students in improving and executing their film making skills. The purpose is to create a welcoming environment for students interested in related fields to share their creativity and knowledge.

The society has been founded with a goal of ‘uniting all members of the students who are interested to organise co-curricular and extracurricular activities’.

FABM society’s goal is to “hold events to educate members about art and culture” and/or “provide training to members.”


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  1. I would Like to congratulate Dr. Lubna and her organised body. I’m a chemistry student in PU. I would like to share one or two stories of mine being a humble writer. If anyone intrested from writing department, please contact me via E-mail:
    I would appreciate and would manage my time to work with you guys as I’m passionate about it.

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