Inspad president Dr Tahir stresses legal way forward for Kashmiri brethren


He said, “Kashmiris are running their freedom movement on the basis of self-help and self-reliance for which they have made immense sacrifices. Pakistan is our sympathetic lawyer and elder brother but it has not yet been able to present this true and real issue to the world through better diplomacy and strategy, while India has been successful on every front in proving its false case to be true.”

He was talking with Chairman International Law Forum for Justice and Peace and prominent constitutional expert Chaudhary Muhammad Mahfooz Advocate and Secretary General of the Pakistan Social Association (Azad Kashmir) Prof. Chaudhry Muhammad Bashir in Islamabad.

Dr Tabassum said that Kashmir movement has many facets and its constitutional and legal aspects are of utmost importance and Kashmiris may have to knock on the door of the International Court of Justice and international legal bodies to get their right to freedom, which requires urgent homework.

He said, “It would be necessary to set up a committee consisting of Kashmiri jurists from both sides of Kashmir and diaspora who would prepare a legal summary of all aspects of the issue.”

Chaudhry Muhammad Mahfooz Advocate also presented his new book “The Kashmir Dispute a Legal Way Forward” to the President of INSPAD in which the constitutional and legal aspects of the Kashmir issue have been thoroughly researched.

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