Food blogger Shaziah Zuberi launches ‘A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion’


KARACHI: A beautifully photographed book, A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion, authored by food blogger Shaziah Zuberi was launched in Pakistan today. The book carries unique original fusion recipes with a Pakistani theme. It is an effort to open doors, build bridges, and deepen relationships between Pakistan and the outside world through the “art” of fusion food. It melds the author’s authentic Pakistani heritage with a celebration of global diversity. The cookbook and its recipes are a unique expression of cultural and culinary blending. The author has painstakingly experimented with a variety of ingredients to make customized recipes.

Shaziah Zuberi has contributed blogs to The Express Tribune, Dawn Images, The Friday Times and Daily Times. She also contributed to a cookbook authored by Shanaz Ramzi titled Food Prints. She currently resides in the US, where she practices her culinary skills by creating innovative recipes and shares them on her website and on Instagram and Twitter, to spread the joy of her inspirational cooking.

Speaking about her inspiration behind writing the book, Zuberi says “I have always been fond of cooking, having learnt from the best – my mother, who was meticulous and imaginative – and living abroad for these past many years since I got married – we were in Hong Kong for a few years, and have been in the Washington DC area for over a decade now – I realized how important it is to innovate on recipes. As a mother of two teenagers who love western food, I was keen that they not forget their roots and their traditional cuisine, and felt that this was the ideal way to bring to them the best of both worlds. In fact, my husband and I love to entertain, and my recipes have been highly appreciated by not only the Pakistani community but also our American friends, who love the unique blend of tastes in my cooking. I feel A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion represents Pakistan on the global front, promoting the message of cultural harmony and assimilation through food.”

With each recipe accompanied by valuable tips from the author, as well as a note explaining how that particular recipe is different from its traditional counterparts, the hard bound book published by Markings has a plethora of recipes. These include appetizers, soups and salads, and seafood, meat, chicken and vegetarian dishes, and desserts – all with Zuberi’s signature twist. Edited by Azmat Zuberi with layout and design by Tuba Arshad of Markings, the photography of the recipes is by Ayishah Taliaferro, Shehla Iftikhar and Shaziah Zuberi.

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In Pakistan, A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion is currently available for purchase in hardcopy for PKR 4,000 at leading book stores including:

Tali – Karachi, Serai Concept Store – Karachi, Liberty Books – Pakistan (stores and online), Ensemble Home – Karachi, Folia Creatives – online, Naheed Supermarket – Karachi, Ocean Bookhouse – Karachi, Say Publishing – Karachi, Sync by Zobia – Karachi, Kayal – Islamabad, Kayal – Karachi, Shams Store – Islamabad, Polly & Other Stories – Lahore (store and online), La Villa – Lahore, Readings – Lahore

It is also available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle and can be purchased online at Amazon for delivery worldwide.


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