Punjab govt perusing Sri Lankan man mob lynching case efficiently: Raja Basharat



Minister for Law and Cooperatives Raja Basharat, while initiating a general debate on the Sialkot tragedy in the Punjab Assembly on Thursday, said that the senseless killing of the Sri Lankan citizen was a tragic incident which was strongly condemned by every Pakistani including the Prime Minister and Punjab Chief Minister.

Explaining the details of the legal proceedings, he said that 182 persons were detected with the help of CCTV cameras immediately after the incident and 62 persons were released on non-involvement while 52 persons were arrested out of 120 and brought under investigation none of whom had been released on bail.

He said a special prosecution team comprising three officers was assisting the police and monitoring the hearing.
The law minister further said that the challan would be submitted to the court within 30 days. He demanded from the opposition that the house has had to give serious suggestions on that issue.


He said that the Prime Minister started the general debate in the Senate and National Assembly on the Sialkot tragedy while the Islamic Ideological Council and Shaan-i- Rehmat-ul-lilAlmin Authority was also working to prevent such incidents in future.

He assured that the Punjab Govt would implement any recommendations made there. He suggested unanimous and effective legislation to prevent such incidents in future, saying that every religion, including Islam, teaches tolerance and to facilitate others by removing hurdles on the way whereas our people block roads wherein the ambulances get stuck and the patients lose lives due to not finding a way.

The provincial minister said that more than 50 Muslim worshipers were martyred in a mosque in New Zealand which shows that such hateful incidents happen in all religions, however the violence in any religion is reprehensible.
“Our religion and constitution do not allow the killing of people belonging to other religions.”, he added. The law minister assured that no concessions would be made to those responsible for the Sialkot tragedy and according to Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, justice would be clearly visible.


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